Hikeh is my childhood-name, utilized until I decide on my adult name. It comes from hizhuk-veh (silent one), a rather blunt descriptor but accurate nonetheless.

I came to Memrise originally by coincidence – a teacher of mine created a course for the students to learn vocabulary words, but now I’ve returned to teach courses of Vulcan. This is my course. (Keep in mind, my course comes from the Vulcan Language Institute, and is not my own work, but I do add my own practice phrases and alter some of the lessons from VLI so that they are more accessible and understandable. I do not take credit for the lessons, but I do take credit for the task of transcribing, adding additional exercises/practice, and attempting to ease the language.)

I undertook this after discovering the currently uploaded course for Vulcan hadn’t been updated since 2017 (which is understandable) and I wished to complete the current lessons so that I may continue to study.

If you have any questions about my course or the Vulcan language in general, do not hesitate to ask.

Dif-tor heh smusma.