Ziggy is now live!

As posted about a few weeks ago, Ziggy and the new ranks are now live across the apps and website. To see them in the apps you’ll need to update to the newest version. We’ll continue to iterate on Ziggy and the ranks in the future, thanks for all your feedback!


Why are you thanking for the feedback. Did you actually do anything with it?


I’m going to miss the old ranking system, icons & names.


Really not a fan of the new system. Not at all. It may be cute for people who start new on memrise, but for everyone who’s been for longer on here? Who simply jumped to one of the latter “evolutions”? There’s no attachment to it, no sense of achievement, as it is I’m just pretty disappointed that all my work to get my batches is for nothing now.
If at all possible, I’d really love for the old system to get back. Or maybe some way for each user to choose for themselves which ranks they want.
Quite frankly, I think the update was a mistake, I really only want my batches back.


I don’t like this new system at all. Step back in my opinion.


I miss the old ranks too, but I think I’ll get used to this new one.
I’d be happy if the dev team would focus on new functionality that actually makes Memrise better.

“Mark as typo” button, Learned word search, add custom translations to items in your learning session, whatever.


anyone, a line of code for disabling the new avatar?


AdBlock addon can block images.


so to lvl up i need to make over 31 milions… well it took me almost 1 year to make 18 milions… so this is frustrating… i recomended memrise to many people and they like it because it is like a game and makes you wanna do tests to acumulate points… but now when i look and see 31 milion… not to mention i somehow look like a crazy looney toon

s character… with the new format … for old users this change will be difficult … tbh i liked the more mature look of the site… now it seems childish and not so appealing for study …


I really don’t like it. Where are my badges ? It helps for the motivation. I don’t want a pokemon to replace them.


Regardless of my opinion, I still have to give props to the team. Memrise is a pretty good product ( I switched over from Duolingo ). Whenever you make changes you’ll always have groups of people who disagree with them (I’m not particularly keen with ziggy), but if your team feel like they did the right thing that’s all that matters. Still love what you guys are doing over @Memrise. Hopefully I’d get to visit your offices some day.

Also I can see how the “growing your avatar” could work well with new users, but for the existing users the change is a bit alienating.


What happened to the streak badges? Are they gone too? If so it is really disappointing. I had a 555 days streak which really made me proud. To have a streak badge with a large number was the thing that motivated me the most to learn new words every day.


I understand you want to improve memrise to be the best but honestly is this childish Ziggy creature the way you want to go? The old ranks were simple but funny and clever puns on memrise, now we have this creature which came from nowhere and has no meaning relating to the overall memrise design. I want to see the reason for this I really do but I cannot. In my opinion, Ziggy and its curvy design do not fit to the overall simple design. Also when I level Ziggy it would be great to see other levels I completed, maybe some kind of Ziggydex with former levels. This was not an issue in the older version because the levels were unrelated to each other. Also not showing streak is a pity, it was more motivating than points. As others said, after a while getting new level is a long run, but day streak is not and in learning day streak is more important anyway…

I know you do not change it back why would you after all the work it cost you, but you should aim for overall thing, not just one part of it and make it unconnected to the rest.

The design gets you new users, but functionality keeps them. If you want to improve something improve functionality. For example, it would be great if on course page the list would fit the screen see only three courses per row uses only about 60% of the screen why not to show four? Or adding my own translation to courses, adding a translation to my mother tongue as a mem is somehow awkward and unnecessarily annoying. I am sure there are others with many better suggestions, but please do not redo working parts do new features.

I know I will use to the design, we all do, after a week there will be no new complaint, so why to bother anyway, right?

Keep doing a good job on memrise functionality.


so, is there any empirical evidence that the user base was craving for such childish design?


i am using this userstyle to have an almost normal board: https://userstyles.org/styles/115914/memrise20150704

to the style i’ve added some other tweaks, i can send you the style in a PM, but you would have to take out the lines blocking the clock and the goal setters and some other things as well

Hydroptere, Overlord / Overlady

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Unless /i had access to memrise’s data, I could never answer that question.

I recently achieved Memperor-rank and I was looking forward to working hard few years to become Overlord. Now my goal is supposed to be getting from level 17 to…level 18. Not the same thing at all and I lost most of my motivation.
I understand there is always resistance to new ideas but that Ziggy and new levels will look ridiculous permanently.


you said this… who are the people who agreed?

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Well, this has already been pointed out and transported in the old ranking thread:

#7 and #13:

Suggestion by ashleopio about further fine-tuning the points: Coming Soon - New Ranks

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For what it’s worth, the new icons get a no from me. I really don’t like that sort of silly infantile design. But hey, ho - I have new words to plant…