Zhuyin versus Pinyin in a course

I’m working on A Course in Contemporary Chinese 2 (the second in a series that appears to be based on the Taipei dialect) and one thing that stuck out to me is that zhuyin was used in it, which I think is awesome considering the love it seems to rarely get (and I’ve been practising it too), but in the course, the zhuyin is in a spoiler box and pinyin is out in the open… I feel like this renders the zhuyin to be less useful, to be quite honest, and while I know pinyin extremely well, I find the use of the Latin alphabet jarring and distracting on a page (which is why I always turn pinyin off whenever I can). May I suggest a perhaps reversed situation? After all, I find zhuyin to be more Taiwanese than pinyin anyway…
Thank you for reading this through and thinking about this.

Which course is this about? A user created course?

Then you might contact the course creator and ask them to change. But I think it would change for all users, and other users might be pinyin lovers.

Is there an update on this allowing to choose zhuyin to be displayed by default rather than pinyin?