Your favourite film?

Hi i was wondering what you’re favourite film is mine is happy Gilmore


Never heard of that before. Welcome to the forum though @Oscardaboss99! Enjoy your stay!

Scott Pilgrim vs the world is the bae

I’ve never heard of it

THEN YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR INSOLENCE! Scott Pilgrim reference :wink:

i am deeply saddened by that

My favorite film is “The Rocky Horrors Picture Show”.
It’s a cult classic. When I watched it for the first time, I didn’t get the idea and thought that it is pretty overrated. But for now I have watched it more that 15 times and sing songs almost everyday.


I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show, absolute classic, all ways great songs when they come on at parties and everyone dances along to “Time Warp”.

For me, my all time favourite movie has to be Big Trouble in Little China.

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Hey my favourite film has changed it is now marry poppies returns image

Alleged favourite film: In Bruges.

Real favourite film: (embarrassingly) Sliding Doors. Man I’m a sucker for parallel universes and I saw this one early enough in life it’s stamped all over me.

Runners up: The Restless Natives; Labyrinth (childhood favourite – don’t judge me!); Event Horizon (man, just realised I was way to young when I first saw this); Primer (I’m sensing some themes); Groundhog Day (definitely a theme)…

Getting the feeling I have bad taste in movies.

Is the new Mary Poppins any good, @Oscardaboss99? I don’t usually trust remakes/reboots. Also, @MohammedSherwi, my daughter is also very much looking forward to the new How to Train Your Dragon movie. She loves dragons.

I do remember Big Trouble in Little China, @tampora I seem to recall it’s pretty weird? Like, Sam from Sex and the City gets roofied by creepy magic dude for having green eyes weird… Bad synopsis, but that’s what I remember. I think it was Sunday afternoon watching when I was being lazy, years back. I was probably half-asleep and missed the finer points of the plot, lol.

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Its hard to say but I like A Clockwork Orange. The book was the first time I`ve ever had a hard time understanding the words on the page and the movie is very well made.

It`s also just interesting as a look at film making and the type of things directors could get away with. Things like Malcolm McDowell getting his ribs broken during a fight scene, and his cornea scratched during the most infamous scene in the movie. Stanley Kubrick was insane.


Have you lot never seen the truman show?

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Well. I have a few. Groundhog Day definitely is a favorite for me. Also I’d say that the Hunger Games franchise is a must-watch film. And in the anime genre? Hm. I’d say Howl’s Moving Castle. Saw it a while ago. And remember that Infinity War film? Yeah, I never saw it as it got spoiled to me the day it came out. :frowning: I hate it when that happens.

The Truman show? Isn’t that the one where some guy’s life is being broadcasted as a TV show?


Is that the one where someone accidentally invents time travel?

Primer’s pretty hardcore anticausality in places, yeah… Actually, that’s an understatement. It’s so recursive the recursion has recursion so you can recurse while you recurse.

Also, @MarshallLanguages, I hadn’t even considered Howl’s Moving Castle. There aren’t many anime’s I like, but that one’s quite a good watch. As is Night on the Galactic Railroad… And my LO’s quite partial to The Cat Returns, too, though that one bugs the hell out of me.


@isharr Groundhog Day is a great movie, love Labyrinth as well, absolute classic.
Haha, and your synopsis on Big Trouble in Little China, is brilliant, lol. I’d say it is an action/martial arts/comedy, I’d say the movie is a kind of “what if” if an old school US trucker, who was clueless, got thrown into a Chinese martial art story, lol.
I’m useless at describing movies, but either way, amazing movie.


Sorry for my, um language for any small kids here. But that guy looks like a freaking pervert, who is he?

it’s austin powers dude