"You need to learn some more words to practice listening."

Just started getting this error message on all courses–Spanish(Spain) and Spanish(Mexico). Even on courses I’ve finished but am still reviewing!

Searching for this error message on line turns up nothing. Any suggestions?

Same problem here. It’s frustrating to have purchased Memrise Pro and not be able to access all the features. I can use the web app to practice listening skills, but not the Android app.

I’ve been having the same problem with all courses for about 3 weeks. Also listening to natives doesn’t work, I get the “natives have escaped” message. Android version 5.0.

I’m having again this problem, this time on Android 8.1. Last time it cleared itself after deleting the saved off-line courses, but now I haven’t even downloaded any. Force-stopping the app and clearing the cache didn’t do anything.

Try logging off and then logging back in. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling the app and then re-install it. If both doesn’t fix the problem, come back here.

Thank you, logging off and back on seems to have gotten rid of the problem for me this time.

I just received the same bug this morning on Spanish (Spain) level 6. I’m on the latest version of android.

As noted in my last posting, try logging off and then back in - usually this fixes the problem.

Thanks for all the answers - an uninstall reboot and reinstall seemed to fix it.
Again thanks

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