You can delete the course progress through the app

(Sirivasv) #1

I made it by accident but this is how you are able to do it.
Having a completed course delete it by the already given option, then go to learn new course and select the deleted one, now as it is finished there are no “learn new words” sessions available, that is the one put right after you select the option to learn new course, and it will show an “sorry the session could not be loaded”.
Here is the interesting part and where the bug appears, as you have already added the course you should see a “Continue” button under the course description but with the pop up session loading error, it appears “Start learning” instead and selecting that option will now delete the progress of the course and you will start from zero. Likewise if the course completed is the first one on official language courses by memrise e.g. Russian 1, it stills showing “Start learning” even though if you have already added it, and selecting that option on an already added course will wipe out your progress. I am submitting this as this I believe is not the intended functionality, when you try to select the “Start learning” option on an already added course it shows you “Continue” instead, but with the process described above you can work around that. Also they say you can’t do that from the app, but with this bug, you can.

(Sirivasv) #2

My device info:
Model: Motorola Moto G6 play
Android OS: 8.0.0
Memrise App version: 2.94_8067_memrise
Courses affected:
Any completed course.
Any 1st course on the official memrise language courses e.g. Russian 1.

Any follow up would be appreciated, I am watching the topic if you require more info.
Thank you in advance @MemriseMatty