Yiddish Vocabulary 201 (#706474), by sixxta

Anyone know if sixxta is still around and able to make some changes to this course. Just starting this course I’m really enjoying learning all the great vocabulary. I especially like how Yiddish oysies are used to give pronunciations for the Hebrew-based words.

Thankfully I have my own keyboard, because I don’t think it’s possible to do this course with the on-screen keyboard, since it’s missing the vowels (at least on the web version). For example, it doesn’t accept two yuds, but there isn’t a tsvey yudn character option provided. Also the tsvey vovn isn’t written as a single character, even though tsvey yudn is, so it makes it hard to get a word accepted until you remember you have to “misspell” those words.

There are also several adverbs in the “Adjectives” topic. Some look like they can function as both parts of speech, but one I’ve come across shows as incorrect in the B&B Yiddish-English Dictionary. שוגגדיק shows as the adjective “involuntary,” where as בשוגג is the adverb “involuntarily.”