Wrong Zhuyin of Chinese Word (lai)

Hi all,

I think the Zhuyin is wrong because that Zhuyin would be tai in pinyin.
Please correct it.

Thank you

Welcome to forum, Void Lotus!

Could you tell which course this is? Pasting the URL to the course will be helpful. Perhaps there is already a threat (‘a forum’) at this community where you can report any mistakes or feedback and where somebody reads it who can make updates to the said course.

And, please tell what would the correct Zhuyin should be.

Hi John,
this is the URL: https://www.memrise.com/course/909679/a-course-in-contemporary-chinese-book-1/
The wrong Zhuyin character is from Lesson 1 (來, The correct one should be ㄌㄞˊ)

I see. Unfortunately, @sean.scully87f4 is not active on this forum. I see that quite a number of people are studying this course. A good chance that one is a contributor, but I wouldn’t know who.

We can ask Memrise, if they can tell us.
Hello, @MemriseSupport: could you tell us who are the contributors for this course?
Void_lotus is an active learner of this course, but found some errors to be corrected.

Lotus, if there are no contributors or they are not active on this forum, there is a way to request to be made contributor. See this sub-forum: https://community.memrise.com/c/decks-discussion/abandoned-courses