Wrong word in German 1 - Hühnchenfleisch or Hühnerfleisch

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I found a mistake in German lessons. You wrote das Hühnchenfleisch BUT the correct is das Hähnchenfleisch with ä.

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Hallo vodorasli
that is no real mistake. There are Hühnchenfleisch and Hähnchenfleisch in Germany. These are different types of meat.

For chicken soup or stock you need Hühnchenfleisch. [ Hühnchenfleisch or Hühnerfleisch is meat of en old hen.]

For chicken wings or roast chicken or :poultry_leg: you need Hähnchenfleisch. This is meat of a young animal.

(Amanda Norrsken) #3

“ein (das) Huhn” is a hen (female); “ein (der) Hahn” is a rooster (male), so “ein Hühnchen” is just a little hen and “ein Hähnchen” is a little rooster, and both of these are chickens.

So if you ate chicken in Germany until recently, it will all have been “Hühnchenfleisch” OR “Hähnchenfleisch”.

EDIT: (wrong information removed)

Apparently, all chickens regardless of their sex are used for eating, it is the male offspring of hens raised for egg-laying purposes that were previously destroyed.

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This one survived it.


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Hi. Old thread but… surely there should be multiple correct answers in this case? Also, it’s not marked that it’s the word for chicken meat; “the chicken” could mean the living types.


(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #6

It is “ein Huhn” not “eine…” :grinning:

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Woops! Vielen Dank für die Verbesserung!

(Linh Vu) #8

Hi all,
Interesting discussion! To make it as encompassing as possible, I’ve now added “das Hähnchenfleisch” and “das Hühnerfleisch” as alternatives. I’ve also added the description “meat” in brackets to the English translation. Hope this helps!

Happy learning!