Wrong types in portuguese - almocar

in Memrise / portuguese it is writtenas “amocar”

Which course does this error appear in?
There may already be a forum especially for this course. Have you looked?


find attached a copy of my course from the screen.

2 errors

Level 4:

amoçar --> zu Mittag essen = almocar

Level 3:

o peixe --> bitte = Fisch

Here is another faut (same course):

assistir --> besuchen (wrong) --> zusehen (ok)

Is this the course you are doing?

The original course creator does not appear to be active on the forum as his name does not appear if I write it with an @ symbol in front of it.

What I can recommend, however, is that you ask if you can become a course contributor for this course. Then you will be able to access the database for the course and correct the wrong entries yourself. It is a really good way to learn the language (I have done this with Swedish and Dutch, asked to become a course contributor for some Swedish and Dutch courses and working on improving these courses really really helped me to understand the languages much better).

To do this, you would need to contact a member of the memrise team, such as @Lien or @MemriseSupport and they can ask if the original course creator is OK with having new people on board.

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