Wrong translations on Memrise's Chinese courses for French speakers users

  • Course “Chinois 1”, level “6 - Etre humain” :
    “níhǎo ma?” isn’t a chinese expression.
    The right sentence is “níhǎo, nǐ zěnmeyàng?” (你好, 你怎么样?).

  • Course “Chinois 1”, level “8 - Alimente ton vocabulaire : la nourriture” :
    The french translation of “粥 - zhōu” isn’t “congee”.
    Because “congee” isn’t a french word, it doesn’t exist!
    The right translations is : “bouillie de riz” or “porridge”.

  • Course “Chinois 2”, level “8 - J’adore !” :
    “wǒ yào zhègè” the french translation isn’t “je veux manger ça”.
    The right translation is : “je veux ça”.
    If you want to say “je veux manger ça (i want to eat that)”, the chinese translation is : “wǒ yào chī zhègè” (我要吃这个).

Thanx to update this courses quickly!