Wrong translations again! Memrise’s Chinese courses for French speakers users

  • Course “Chinois 2”, level “8 - J’adore !” :

“nǐ xǐhuān chī táng ma ?” the french translation isn’t “est-ce que tu aimes manger sucré ?”.
Because “táng” = “sucre” or “friandise / bonbon”!
So, the right translation is “est-ce que tu aimes manger du sucre (ou des bonbons) ?”

If you want to say “sucré” the right word is “tián” + the particle “de”
So, the right Chinese translation of “est-ce que tu aimes manger sucré ?” is “nǐ xǐhuān chī tián de ma ?” (你喜欢吃甜的吗?).

It will be great to rectify this mistake. But I think it’s wishful thinking. Because you’re not very serious.