Wrong translation example - How do I report errors?

In the Where in the Universe part of the Mexican Spanish course there is a clear error:

“the United States” is translated as “Estados Unidos” without the “los”. “Los Estados Unidos” is counted as wrong.

IMHO it should be like this:

  • “the United States” - “los Estados Unidos”
  • “United States” - “Estados Unidos”

Where can I report those errors?


Hi, if this is an error report for the "Spanish (Mexico) course then you should post in that forum, so that you will get a reply related to your question. Here is the link: [Course Forum] Spanish (Mexico) 1 - 7 by Memrise. You can report errors in courses to the relevant thread by searching for the course name with the tag [course forum]

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I noticed this too. There are a few similar errors in the Spanish (Mexican) course. For example, “el café está delicioso” is paired with “coffee is delicious”, so if you’re translating from Spanish to English (as “the coffee is delicious” will lead to the translation being marked wrong.

There are also some annoyances: “¿qué hay de nuevo?” is translated as “what’s up?” when it really should be “What’s new?”