Wrong Translation English to Spanish

I was asked to translate “To Love” from English to Spanish.

Being the romantic, I entered “amar”, but was told this was wrong, and should have been “encantar”.

Think this is a bug!

Could be either really. Or even “querer”.

But it you would like something changed in a course you should at least mention the name of the course you’re talking about. And preferably post about your problem in the forum created for that course (if there is one) to reach the course creator.

haha noob complaint here! Never used it before.
Is there a forum to tell you how to complain? :smiley:

It depends. You are now on the forum for community-created courses, in the Spanish (Latin-American) section. But I checked your profile and you only have official Memrise courses for Spanish (Spain) on there.

They made a special form to report errors in official courses in 2020. I don’t know whether they are still actively monitoring it. You’ll find the link here.

We absolutely do monitor it, thank you for adding the link