Wrong streak calculation between web and mobile app

It looks like streak is calculated incorrectly in the mobile app. When I finish doing my reviews on the website, my streak is correctly updated to 2560. Then, when I open app on my phone, it is wrong - 2558.

Memrise has three kinds of streaks, which are slightly different. You can see them

  1. in the app in your courses list (screen above, streak is X days),
  2. in the app on the profile page (streak is X + 2 days),
  3. on the website in your courses list (streak is X + 2 days),
  4. on the website on the stats page (real streak is a mystery if it’s more than 365 days).

One of these streaks is wrong. It looks like prolonged streak (X + 2 days) is incorrect and caused by a bug in the Memrise system. I remember a period when this streak was X + 1 day and people were bringing attention to this issue.

N⁰ 4 is of course a count of continuous daily attendance on MemRise, irrespective of what you did, up to a year.

I have never seen 366 days which should apply to a Leap Year.

I have asked @MemriseSupport for this count to be an accurate total continuous attendance eg 400 or even 4000 etc but this has not had a reply.

I’ve also asked that “week” be changed to a rolling 7 days and “month” be changed to a rolling 4 weeks, as it would reflect popularity or commitment to any particular course.