Wrong answer solution comes after next question

(Matt Perry25) #43

Given Memrise’s history of changes in the last six months I genuinely cannot tell if this is a bug or an “improvement” to the web interface.

When I get a wrong answer, I now get shown another 1-2 questions before the correct answer is shown.

Please tell me this is some kind of glitch and not the way that Memrise will be from now on.

N.B. I recently unsubscribed from Pro so as to not support Memrise and their consistent trashing of the site, so perhaps that has something to do with it?

(Bea Trisy) #44

On to the update:

We have released a fix for this issue and it should take effect in the following miuntes.
Thank you all for drawing attention to the issue, and thank you for your patience in awaiting a fix.

Happy learning,

(Geil) #45

Thanks for all you do.

(Matt Perry25) #46

Thanks for the very speedy fix!

(Javaugy11111) #47

Working for me now. Thank you.

(DW7) #48

Many thanks !
I noticed that it seemed fixed earlier but wasn’t totally sure of the extent (too many right answers :wink: ) so came here to check.

Are you able to investigate this issue too? Problem with unexpected Audio tests in certain levels ?

(Tamara M.) #49

I’m so relieved it works again. Thank you.

(Cpw51) #50

Thanks or should i say - muchos gracias