Wrong answer solution comes after next question

(Sejo2) #23

pls mem team fix it asap - this behaviour is really not helpful…

(DW7) #24

Thanks for picking this up @BeaTrisy and moving my posts from here to this thread.

Interesting so many of us reported this issue in lots of different places (no chance of missing it!).

(The Four Gated Danzig) #25

oh good I was about to post this here. Hope it is a bug and not an ‘improvement’.

(Zenek73) #26

The bug is so obvious that I was sure that it’s a new feature (please! add info in dashboard about new features!). But it’s just a bug… So no learning today… :frowning:

(Thomas Heiss) #27

Well, there might not be testing departments, no QS teams, no time for internal tests for 1-2 weeks, whatsoever…

What code most companies (e.g US) today deploy is not a stable code from a specific branch…but it always feels like a deploy / rollout of the master/trunk (developer code) right from the day (commit) before.

I still remember the annoying programmable mixer reboot bug in my RC transmitter (computer controlled) and the US company didn’t care to fix this REBOOT bug (this is a no go!) for at least 6++ months.
They never fixed it as a hot release…but instead of introduced multiple other bugs with the next release when they finally cared to fix the reboot.

So many DuoLingo problems and bugs (incl. frontend changes) can only be worked around with user scripts, style sheets…

The end user is the ALPHA / BETA tester…

There seems to be no money or interest for most companies to hire 3-5 or 10 people, do intensive QA tests of new developer BETA code…and release new code (once intensively tested for a while) delayed.

As we can not change the same practices happening over and over again we have to either accept it or love it.

I do not even understand why there can not be finally a code freeze for the next 6-12 months…why all those many changes on the web portal without any QA? Do I need any of them?

(Cody Sigouin45) #28

Please fixxx ! Super annoying !!

(Xvg11) #29

Maybe you’re right, and that’s in fact the case, but then that means that Memrise and Beatrisy are lying when they say that she’s QA Team Lead/Manager. According to them, there is a team, and she is the one ultimately responsible for it. She also describes herself as an engineer, and has lauded the fair bit of engineering that went in to creating the “up next” button.

My suspicion remains that this is not a bug, and that they will let it remain this way for at least a few days. Then they will decide whether to revert it and say they “fixed the bug,” or ignore complaints, or admit it is a “new improvement.”

Time will tell if I’m right.

I agree.

And this is the condition of that site after Duolingo has received close to 110 million dollars from its investors, which is about twenty times the size of Memrise’s total capital investment.

(Elfstone) #30

OMG, i hope this is a bug, because it would be the worst feature ever…

(Philolo11) #31

@BeaTrisy Can’t the developer reverse the last release now. I don’t think ANYONE can now properly review things on memrise.

(Parix) #32

I think what makes it so annoying is that you loose concentration on the parts you got right and wrong, and when you re-write you can’t concentrate as well on the wrong ones. I hope it’s a research grounded decision, because it doesn’t feel right.

(Richardmtl) #33

It seems this has been affecting people for a while now, but it only just started happening to me today (I use the iOS app and the web daily, and it just happened to me right now on the web). I agree with @parix that it breaks my concentration on what I got wrong, and I hope they revert this if it was intentional, or fix it soon if it’s a bug. For the record, it happened to me in the Dutch 7 course.

(L0rri) #34

This change (or bug, I hope) is really annoying. You’re going along with a nice rhythm, type, enter, type, enter, but then, bam, you get an answer wrong, and it comes back to bite you when you’re not expecting it, leaving you feeling like you’re being punished for committing an error. I have started a review like 3 or 4 times and then just paused it without finishing and left the site out of annoyance and frustration. I hope it can be fixed soon. Also, I still hate auto-advance :stuck_out_tongue:

(Likia) #35

Today I still can’t remember words I didn’t answer correctly yesterday. They are not new words so I should have remembered them today. I guess this change doesn’t work for me. I feel like everything is mixed up in my head.

(Jellybreadracer) #36

Please fix this, please don’t be another memrise “improvement”. Please! I love this site but its getting harder and harder to stick with it with these kind of changes. If this stays, guess I will go to Anki and leave memrise finally.

(Chris Faulkner 374de) #37

Absolutely unusable. This cannot be an intended update as it makes no logical sense at all. Any update on fixing this so I can use your app again?

(Jellybreadracer) #38

I wouldn’t be so sure, since removal of mems was an intended update.

(ラッテル/) #39

not only that i have the wrong answer issue but on top of that i was in a learning session now on a japanese course and i have no audio … just fix this already i lost 1 day of study

(Overlord Hydroptère) #40

i hope we get a fix soon (preerably now?:clown_face:), is terribly confusing this way, not getting the right answer immediately after giving the wrong one

(Javaugy11111) #41

Adding my voice in to say please fix this quickly. This delayed wrong answer response makes the reviews unusable for me.

(Fre Li Ge) #42

I hope this is not a feature, because jumping from word to word like this it becomes really difficult to concentrate