Wrong answer solution comes after next question

(Philolo11) #1

Suddenly when i answer a question wrong, i dont get the answer right again but only after the next question, which makes this app quite useless. Please fix this as soon as possible.

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(Parix) #2

I’m wondering if this is some Duolingo-esque style test to check if it improves performance: sometimes harder is better, and me being used to old-style review, it’s centainly harder now.

My fear is that it can be another step backwards as the loss of pictures was some months ago.

(Danielws) #3

Not only do I not see the correct answer when I’m wrong, I don’t hear the audio. So I have no clue what my mistake was. At least before if I made a small typo, it would show me.

(Parix) #4

Hi danielws! I’m hearing the audio (either when the review comes and after a right answer), so maybe it was just the case that your entry didn’t have audio?

(Kim) #5

I have this exact same problem. It seems to be some new thing, because it never was like this before.

(Fre Li Ge) #6

Same problem here, and I noticed only from this morning, last night it was working all good, probably they have deployed a new version of memrise and this has some bugs…
how does it work? can we contact memrise team directly or they read this forum?

(Fre Li Ge) #7

I have reported a bug, for your information…

(Kim) #8

Could you take a look at this? I’m pretty sure it’s a bug. It’s very hard to do reviews right now, without directly knowing what mistake you made.

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(Bea Trisy) #9

Hi, thanks for reporting this problem.

The issue has been logged and our development team will be looking into it shortly.


(Cpw51) #10

Thanks for looking into this BeaTrisy - i agree with most of the replies above. Please fix.


(Marcelbalzer) #11

Suddenly when i answer a question wrong, i dont get the answer right again but only after the next question, which makes this app quite useless. Please fix this as soon as possible.

(Mthierst) #13

Brand new today (13 March) - when I get an answer wrong, both partially (amber) and totally (red) I am NOT shown the correct answer anymore, or am offered to re-type the correct answer to help fix it in memory; the review session simply moves on.
Yes, the question will come back, and normally in a way which will show the correct answer, but that’s not half as helpful I feel.
Could we have the immediate feedback put back?

(Carhartt) #14

I have a similar problem since this morning.
If I have a wrong answer the course is not showing the correct answer right away.
Instead it continues with the next question and only afterwards jumps back to the solution of the previously wrong answered question.

EDIT: I just found one more thread about my problem here: Wrong answer solution comes after next question

(Lydia Ellis 93) #15

I’m having the same problem. Only for me it’s not showing the correct answer at all, so for courses I made I’m just clicking “edit” and opening in a new tab so can see what the mistake is. Can’t do that for courses I haven’t created though. Are you looking into this, Memrise? Please do! Many thanks.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #16

the same or similar problem, I am not sure, as the behaviour of the review page is rather … jumpy
(id est confusing)

(Karlbuckland) #17

I too am having this issue. It is absolutely infuriating. It’s getting me very confused.

(DW7) #19

I have just been revising this course on the web https://www.memrise.com/course/622486/famous-painters-and-paintings/ and I have experienced an unusual delayed action.

Previously if I got an answer wrong, it would show me the correct answer and tell me what I typed, with an opportunity to type the correct answer.

However now it shows me the next question and then after answering correctly (I don’t know what happens if I get the next question wrong) it then shows me the previous one I got wrong (with the same opportunities)!

Has something happened as an unforeseen consequence?

Cc @lien @BeaTrisy @joshua

Can anyone else verify this please?


AND the same delay if I get the next question wrong!

(Sll) #20

It happened to me, too. Actually, it never went to the page that shows the correct answer and the mem. When it returned to the missed word, it was just with a multiple-choice question. I hope it’s a bug, not an intentional change, because I couldn’t even stand to complete the set.

(DW7) #21

Thanks @SLL,

I was just going to report the same thing, it never showed me the correct answer on this course https://www.memrise.com/course/254875/paintings-one-ought-to-know/

The only way I knew I got it wrong was the score and colour.

Yes it must be a bug - or we would never learn the right answer.

(Xvg11) #22

I hope you’re right, but I remember all the times in the past that they made deliberate but unpopular changes, and their people would come on here and lie saying over and over again, “Thank you for the report. I’ll pass it along to the team.”

It sounds so familiar. But being skeptical, I ask myself how could this truly be a bug? How is it possible that Beatrisy’s QA Team didn’t notice that this new update fundamentally changed the way Memrise works before they released this update? How could they not notice something so obvious? It isn’t some minor glitch, like a font size mistake that could conceivably be overlooked.