Writing words

Hi. I am learning Russian but I don’t want to have to learn to write it. I want to learn to read and speak only. How can I stop the writing requirements in the course?


Hello @dalerobberts and welcome to the forums!

I’m afraid it’s not possible to completely turn off typing in courses yourself. That is, whether or not typing is required is a setting pertaining to the course itself.
The only learning-related settings that you can influence yourself are found in your → learning settings.

In official Memrise courses typing will always be required, at least to “fully learn” a word (unless you “auto-learn” them, see → this thread for more info). From there, you could “avoid” the review sessions which will require you to type at least some items; Instead you could limit yourself to doing speed reviews.

Other than that, you could look for community courses where typing has been turned off. Note that, while most course-creators provide a hint in case the course is strictly “no-typing”, but some might not, so you would have to try that out.

→ Here’s a search that is geared at EN->RU with “no typing”. While it most probably isn’t showing all relevant candidates, it surely is a starting point. :slight_smile: