Writing/Typing Arabic in Memrise

Hi all! I am doing the “Learn Basic Arabic” course on Memrise - I really like it! Unfortunately, though, the way the questions are asked we aren’t asked to type the arabic alphabet (or otherwise reproduce the Arabic words themselves - only Arabic --> English, not English -->Arabic). As a result I don’t feel that I am as strong on reproducing the words. Is there a way to change this? And how can we type Arabic words in Memrise?

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are you on app or computer?

to change the category, go to http://www.memrise.com/course///edit/details/
and choose, for example, Arabic for English speakers. or anything that you wish.

as for input. you could use arabic keyboard (it’s same as your english keyboard, just different layout).
every keyboard nowadays support arabic. just add it.
I suppose you could google it using keyword such this :
how to add arabic keyboard to windows 10, mac, linux, etc

in smartphone, it even get easier. just go to setting -> language & input -> choose your keyboard -> Add Languages -> check both english and arabic input methods.

now go type something, there should be a way to change the layout from your board when you are about to type. in gboard, it’s exactly on left side of the space the globe icon. just tap it. and your input layout is changed

Hi @nasrul, I just went to my control panel to add Arabic to my computer, but there were 16 different Arabic choices: Saudi, Moroccan, Syrian… What’s the difference for setting up a keyboard. Do you recommend one over the others?

I’ve used 3 of these choices throughout my life, and I have not seen a difference myself. So go with whatever.

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Yes, I am not really familiar with the diff between those keyboards, I usually just pick one. and just already got comfortable with it, and haven’t tried other.
I am Indonesian, and my primary keyboard is US-en and AR-sa.


I selected Saudi and tried to load it but could not. Though my computer offers many alphabets, the only ones it is letting me load are Greek and Hebrew. Do you know what might be going wrong that I can’t add Arabic?

I might not be of much help, but could you at least mention the platform you’re using? (So that another knowledgeable person may help)

Thanks for getting back to me, Ryou. I’m using Windows, and Chrome on an older PC. I figured that if my computer offered me a selection of different alphabets, I should be able to activate any of them. There ends MY knowledge. :confused:

Huh, weird. Windows is the easiest I’ve had when it comes to keyboards. Maybe you need to download a language pack. Since you mentioned you’re using an older computer, I’ll assume you’re on Windows 7.
Try this guide:
I hope this helps.