Writing in tests without Nikud / points


one year ago, I created a course Hebrew/German (https://www.memrise.com/course/739502/hebraisch-alltag), and I wrote there the Hebrew words with the Nikud (points), so that you know how to pronounce the words. But when you followed the course, you were not forced to enter the points, the characters were enough for Memrise to know that you wrote the word correctly.

But it seems that now this has changed, you must enter the points, too. If not, memrise says, the answer is not correct.

This makes the course unnecessarily complicate, because the points are not important when you write Hebrew words. Is there any possibility to change this behaviour when Memrise tests Hebrews words?

Or is it just a technical problem of me? I use the Memrise app with Android.

Any help is appreciated… Thanks!


I don’t know if this is a technical issue or not, but if you’re up for modifying your course, you could add a hidden alternative definition to each word that was the same word but without the Nikud.

Hi neoncube,

thanks for your answer, this is a good idea, I will do this.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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Hi stef1313,
Yes, this is a bitter truth. When I wrote a question to the support team they answered something like that: “As we don’t speak Hebrew we can’t help you”. Shame!
The idea with the alternative field is good - but too complicated for the creator of courses. If I could at least add new words in a bulk mode INCLUDING a column for alternatives - it would be great. But no! This is impossible!
It is really sad, that the Memrise team is not responsive at all.

Hello stef1313,
I just looked at your course. I can’t see the hebrew keyboard.

Hi redux2,

if you use the Memrise app, it has it’s own keyboard with a selection of Hebrew letters. But you can use the standard keyboard of your device, too. Then you have to install the Hebrew letter set directly there. I think most of the standard keyboard apps of Android or iOS have this option.