Would you like to share your experience of learning a language with us?

This is Tuba from UX Research team at Memrise!
We’re working on improving our courses and would like to understand your experience of learning a language. We are holding 45-minute remote interviews on 15 or 16 of May. Your time and feedback will be rewarded, with £40 of incentive via PayPal or Amazon gift card.
Please fill out this form if you are learning a language on Memrise courses and would like to share your feedback: https://languageuxresearch.typeform.com/to/lX2FDk
Your details are confidential and only will be used for the purposes of reaching out to you for the interviews and transferring the incentives.
(Remember, we are based in London, and the interviews will be within working hours :wink: )


we are based in London

By telephone I assume.

We prefer to do it via googlehangouts, for a better communication, if possible on the user’s side as well.


Thanks for the reply - I’ll have to investigate.
Perhaps you can add a link to the URL for Windows 10 and Macs.
(There’s nothing showing on “Microsoft Store”.)

I have just fulfilled the form. Anyway, being selected or not, thank you very much for this, listening to users is essential to improve the product. :pray:t2: