Would you like to provide feedback about our grammar feature?

Hi AysheTuba,
I made a comment to your question but no reply. As a pro member apple user what am I getting extra? I hear grammarbot and chatbot is blocked and grammar sessions only released on Android for level 1 Spanish. Can you please explain?

Sorry for the late reply Dundee. It is available on both platforms, and available for Spanish.
I definitely understand your concern and the feeling about the payment.
We are doing our best to scale up the content for the majority of the languages we already have, by the end of this year, we will definitely have more content for grammar.
All the best,
Tuba Sucu

Great to hear this feature shall be expanded further. I’m enjoying the grammar feature right now. But how can you make it better? Excited for the update anyone? I sure am.

Thanks Marshall languages. We have been doing a lot of user testing indeed. Another reason for why we need feedback from the users in our community. I was expecting to receive more feedback though :slight_smile:

We will keep our community updated for sure!

Hi @ayshetuba,

I left some feedback on the other thread (Release: Grammar Sessions on Android). The new feature is good but, since trying it out, I have had a syncing issue that I can’t resolve. On my web version of Spanish(Spain)1, it says I have 10 words due for classic review and 2 difficult words. But, when I choose ‘difficult words’ I get the “Whoops…” screen and when I view my difficult words, it says I don’t have any. When I try to review the 10 words due for classic review, it offers me a full set of 25 to review, after which the 10 are still there!

It could just be a coincidental bug but I didn’t experience it before I tried some of the new grammar sessions on the android app.


Hi Tugba,

Thanks for coming back to me. My previous email has been sent prematurely.

My email address is: yahoo.com

Overall I’m enjoying using Memrise app. My Spanish has improved since I’ve started using the app. But there are quite a lot of things which need improving.

Up until last week, grammarbot didn’t function. But now I can see “learn grammar” option has become available. This is good news. It would be even better if we can get higher level grammar :blush:

Although chatbot is still being advertised as one of the perks of being a pro member, I can see this has been disabled as well.

The “explore” option is not functioning properly. When I focus on a bed knob, it says “bicycle bell”, or when I focus on my lamp, it says “candy cane”. So trying to learn anything through “explore” option is completely counterproductive.

Although the app itself is really well designed, and I can see a lot of thought and work has been put behind it; you can see why I’m frustrated especially as a pro-member.

Also, it would be great if we can raise issues directly in an email rather than just forums.

Kind regards,


My main language of study is Russian and I have just started doing Italian on the side.
I really like the feature and hope that it will come to Russian soon.
My only complaint so far, is that there doesn’t seem to be any sound on the Italian grammar lessons.

Hi I wanna know why I don’t have the grammar section activated when I’m learning English in Spanish (Mexico)

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When is this feature coming for Danish?

I used it in the Russian course, and it wasn’t useful at all. It was just a repetition of using no vs. not. The repetition of the grammar was far too frequently when it was just that one tiny aspect. It also felt weirdly separate from the rest of the course. I think it would have been better if it was integrated into the language modules.

Please make it for the other languages too, Portuguese, Slovenian…

The grammarbot and the chatbot are both sort of “Potemkin villages”: Their sole aim is to make the occasional user believe that he would get some extra for pro-membership which is definitely not the case. In fact, the grammarbot is highly ripetitive and downright ridiculous, if available at all, whereas the chatbot never ever worked in any of my courses. I really wonder what it is about. :frowning:

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Is grammar review canceled?

@Kristal9 I believe Grammar Review is currently active within some of the main courses, the current courses which have Grammar Review active as listed within Memrise Support are:

So no, it hasn’t been cancelled and it’s currently available (obviously for the main courses). Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Grammarbot consistently repeats the same 3 German grammar lessons, yes-no questions, use of nicht and use of kein, now for at least 1 month in German 4 and in German 5. Since grammarbot appears twice or three times each of my sessions, and there is no way to abort the grammar session, I am forced to repeat the same lesson over and over even though other parts of the course progress through new material. This is tiring enough on its own, but to have to also pay for it, makes me considering leaving the program altogether.

Hm, there is definitely a way of avoiding the grammarbot at all, i.e., by pressing that black circle with the 3 points in it and choosing then the appropriate kind of questioning. Is it really true that you never did that so far?

Hi there Xjonny,

Yes I have done that, but it seems to move the user out of the flow of the preplanned lesson, and usually it will end up suggesting grammarbot again. Doing that definitely opens a new window into the lesson…

Do you know is this kind of repetitive grammar lesson intentional or is there some lack of development of the program in this area?


As mentioned in this post from nearly a year ago now, the fact that there still isn’t a way to just repeat the grammar lesson e.g. by restarting the level (wiping learning history) is silly.

I personally found the grammar lessons to be very useful for Japanese and would love to just redo it to review what I’ve learned. Like the OP in the linked post, I too was impressed enough to sign up for premium but I’m surprised such a simple feature has been missing for so long…

Hi there,

I just tried grammar for the first time - I am learning French and it would be great to have just like the normal course voices to listen to when filling out the tasks (that helps so much for the pronunciation).

Also when you’re on a higher level unfortunately there’s only grammar for level 1 and 2 - maybe some more advanced grammar tasks (especially tenses) would be sweet!

But anyhow thanks for this amazing app - 2 years ago I never thought I’d ever be fluent in French :wink:

Can’t repeat the lessons.
Only two levels with the most bassic grammar.
More than a year without any updates.