Would someone please help me with a untypical refund request?

Hi. I have an active premium account and renew yearly which is due in about a week. A few days ago, I received an email to get pro or something. I thought it was to renew my account, I clicked and paid via PayPal.

It turns out, I had another account from a long time ago and what happened is I had upgraded that account to ‘pro’ which I don’t need or want thinking I was renewing my desired account early. So, I sent a refund request to an extinct support account and then ‘deleted’ the account.

Now, I found out that I have to request the refund via the account that I deleted at ( https://memrise.com/premium/refunds).So, I have no way to request the refund.

I logged into this forum with the account I use and want to keep, and I can be contacted at that email. The account I deleted and want the refund for is another address: win******@gmail.com. The PayPal PayPal Transaction ID is: 92A908360S753780Y made on 9/1/19 for $29.99.

I hope someone can help get this to the attention of support staff. I live on a fixed income (senior) and really need the money back in view of the renewal of my active account coming up.

Thank you kindly.

You should contact the Help page :point_right: https://memrise.helpshift.com you will be able to combine the two accounts I believe this may be the option you settle on but take a look at the links on that page, here are a few of them that may be relevent.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

Thanks old-roy. I tried everything on the help page related to my issue. It boils down to this; a refund request will happen ‘if’ requested from the account needing refund and ONLY if it shows as premium/pro. While I have the PayPal ID and all that, I deleted the account and the account was deleted. I recreated it and of course it does not show as pro. All in all, I keep getting this from every avenue I try:

[ Hi,

Sorry to hear you decided to cancel your membership! Thank you for trying Memrise.

To cancel your automatic renewal, or to avoid being charged when a trial expires, please make sure you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before its renewal. You can do so by following the instructions below:

  • Cancel Web payments (via PayPal or Credit Card): ***/goo.gl/RTyZr9

  • Cancel payments processed via Apple App Store / iTunes (iOS): ***/goo.gl/DHn1G5

  • Cancel payments processed via Google Play Store (Android): ***/goo.gl/S3Kxp6

Your membership will remain active until the end of the paid period.

If eligible*, you can request a refund by visiting */memrise.com/premium/refunds ** on a computer - please make sure you are logged in with the correct Memrise username. Refunds may take 5-10 days to appear. Please contact your payments provider for further information about the status of the refund.

  • Refunds are only available within the first 30 days of a purchase or renewal: *//memrise.com/terms
    ** If you subscribed to Memrise via Apple/iTunes (iOS), you will need to get in touch with Apple directly to request a refund: ***/support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204084

If you have issues requesting a refund or you believe something is wrong, please reply to this message and we’ll investigate further.

Happy learning,
Memrise Team. ]

No mater what I do, that’s what I get. If I go here, https://memrise.com/premium/refunds, then I get that ‘there is no active subscription…’

I have tried it all for 5 days now. I am surprised there is no email system that someone reads. Any other ideas?

I’ll tag @MemriseSupport and @MemriseMatty for you, I’m sure they can help you.

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Hi again,
I am sorry you are still getting the run around on this, unfortunately as you have reactivated that account already and it does not show a subscription it is harder to solve. Perhaps if you send them details of the payment made to that account there may be some way they can sort it out properly for you.
Good luck with it.

And thank you too @Olaf.Rabbachin! Please do!

@old-roy, I now made 11 contact attempts of various ways with no success accept to get the same email reply back every time or nothing. As I understand from other posts other places, there is minimal if any email being looked at. I could be wrong but so far, not. Sadly.

I am truly sorry to see the process is being so much trouble for you, if you made the payment through paypal or with a credit card perhaps you could take up the matter with them and maybe you will have more luck getting satisfaction that way.
Best of luck my friend.

One more try.
The account I want a refund for was paid via PayPal for an account I deleted by accident after I paid for pro. I thought I was renewing my active account. I deleted the one I don’t need and didnt realize until after it was the one I had just paid for. My active account isn’t due yet.

The account I deleted and want the refund for the address: win******@gmail.com. The PayPal Transaction ID is: 92A908360S753780Y made on 9/1/19 for $29.99.
You can reach me at the address for the forum, same as my good account, or the one for the other. It is still well within the 30 days, for an free account I have never had as pro and never used. I requested a refund but having deleted trhe account and recreated it, I keep getting ‘ineligible’. I tried to email support, but I keep the same bot mail.
That’s it again.
@MemriseSupport @MemriseMatty

Hi @Windance,

Sorry for the delay in replying!

We have responded to your original query via email. Just to confirm, the amount has been refunded and will appear in your account shortly (within 5-10 days).

Please make sure you cancel the recurring subscription on PayPal as well (unfortunately we’re unable to do that for you).


Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Best wishes,
Memrise team.

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I began to email about this on 9/1/19 to various address, eventually using the contact forms on both of my Memrise accounts, all without response. I learned about trying the forum after Googling and finding a link here to another customer with a similar issues.

I registered and started this discussion around 9/5, 5 days from my initial attempts to correct the issue. I truly appreciated the attempts to help and the support ‘old-roy’ gave, but nonetheless, there was no resolution, it all led to email bot replies etc. Much appreciated ‘Olaf.Rabbachin’ tagging @MemriseSupport and @MemriseMatty on 9/6. Hearing nothing by 9/7, I posted here one more time, tried to contact @MemriseSupport and @MemriseMatty myself and still nothing for two more days until 9/9/19 - nine days from the start of the issue.

It is the lack of response which concerns me. Not related to this issue, from my other (real) Pro account, I tried the help/contact form regarding a different issue and to date, same thing, a canned answer back to the help pages etc.

Now, the matter with the wrong account is finally resolved and PayPal sent the credit to my credit card as of 9/14 (that’s a PayPal thing but part of an unwanted process.) I did allow my other, active Pro account to resubscribe because for me, Memrise has been a successful addition to my regimen for learning a language and I have two more courses in process. In fact, the old Memrise was probably one of the better apps available and I had highly recommended it.

Now, after all of the changes to Memrise with apparently more to come, the user interface in the app and some of how it works, it is becoming just ‘one more’ app of which there are too many similar indistinguishable apps in Goggle Play. My mixed Spanish study group (117 people) of young and old have been dropping their subscriptions. To be able to recommend Memrise, I would want to people to have my same learning experience and definitely not the same contact experiences I had.

Half of my group has given up on Memrise, and there are now numerous other postings here and there on the internet of people unhappy with the app interface and lack of response from Memrise staff. Some are calling it a dead/un-monitored app. I would disagree with much of that but agree that the user interface is ‘horrible’, too hard to see now with all of the yellow and more.

As it stands now, I probably will cancel my subscription the next time renewal comes around, but until then, I’ll keep an open mind and hope that it all shakes out and I can recommended Memrise, and be able to use it happily from then on.