World War II

Tried to find a course on the Second World War but could only find courses about particular aspects such as Britain or the Nazi party so I’ve made my own. It would be nice for others to give it a try and maybe suggest any additional information or correct mistakes that may have been made.

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I’m enrolled on this course and can say @SeanValSean has done a good job - great course !

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Thank you albo2albo, I should also add that the levels “Resistance” and “We Can Do It” are works-in-progress which is why they’re looking bare at the moment.

nice work, but maybe the souce is too old or even biased?

beyond some typos (“entirity”) I wonder where is the role of the Russian army in freeing the largest concentration camps for example (where do you have 20 mil as the total numbers of Russian victims? nowadays historian speak about 25-27 mil as result of the Nazi aggression - to be clear, these 25-27 mil do not include the crimes committed by Stalin and his morons during the war). Nor do I find anything on the famine in Bengal around 1943 (although you mention similar events; and in this one “between 1.5 and 4 million people died of starvation, malnutrition and disease, half of them dying from disease after food became available in December 1943”, maybe because the role of Churchill in this brutal story was not that … glorious?). I don’t see the numbers regarding the Shoa (in fact nothing referring to the “final solution”); also, you cannot simply calculate like this the death toll of China (not to mention other areas) - because there you have the (second) Sino-Japanese War, the “Greater East Asia War” - and first of all Japan conquered Manchuria from China in 1931! The numbers could be greater than you present. In this imperialist ambitions of Japan don’t forget Thailand, Malaysia etc For short, the Japanese aggressions which mounted in the greater Asia war started in 1931.
Where is Italy in the whole story? where is Greece? where is how Hitler managed to get the power and how etc

well, anyhow. sorry for the typos and (many) other mistakes… and keep the good work!

Thank you very much for the feedback. I’ll look into the suggestions that you’ve mentioned and see if I can fit them in somewhere. The course is largely based on a 1973 British documentary so the information being old or biased (towards the British) is probably fair. I’ll have a good look through for typos and it may be that I just completely get rid of the “so many million people” type facts since they do seem to change a lot. The final solution is one of the facts in the level “Genocide” which is dedicated to the holocaust. If you think of anything else to include please let me know.