Words get accepted too quick and other times you don't have time to write words out

Hi, I just recently started learning japanese.
The title of this thread already fully describes the problems I encountered so far.

Sometimes I’m typing out japanese words with the buttons and it accepts the word halfway through and just moves on to the next page without me being able to stop it from doing so.

Other times the sentences that I have to type (with the symbol buttons) are quite long but the timer on the right gives me the same amount of time as for only selecting one symbol like in other excercises.
It’s way too short and results in the program putting the sentence on my ‘difficult words’ list and repeating it over and over while I continue to be unable to write it out in time.

Thanks for reading!

It might be better to type it out instead of clicking the characters. To do so, you’ll need an IME. Here’s how to do so.

As for the auto accept and timer, those are part of memrise with no options turn disable them. At least not officially. You can use userscripts to disable them, and they’re easy to install. First download tampermonkey
Then download the scripts.

Thank you very much, I’ll try that out! :slight_smile:

Did that work? I have the same problem - the timer is way too short to enter sentences.

If you are using the web version, you can turn the timer off in your learning settings.