Words from other courses appear during review

Description of the issue: After finishing a course and studying across several courses recently, I’ve repeatedly noticed that I get words from other courses during my reviews. I might for example be in the Spanish 2 course, but get several words from Spanish 3 (which I’ve already learned there) mixed into my review. Likewise I’ll get words from Spanish 2 when reviewing Spanish 3. (see screenshots). The review is mixed, so I get words from both courses during the review.
I’ve tried both going to Memrise and clicking on the “X” in the top right when switching between courses. Neither has worked in avoiding this issue.

  • I use Windows 10 (desktop) and Firefox 114
  • Description of steps to reproduce the issue: Study multiple courses at once. Switch between courses during a learning session. For example, start with a few Spanish 3 reviews and then go on to study Spanish 2.
  • Do you have any screenshots of the problem? Yes: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Your report must include

  • Your Memrise Username: TheLML
  • Device and Browser used when experiencing the issue. See above
  • Date of first occurrence: First noticed it about 1-2 weeks ago
  • Frequency of occurrence: Pretty much daily
  • Description of steps to reproduce the issue: Study a course and then switch to another and do a review there