Words disappear

I have created a new level. Having typed a new word and pressed the “+” button, the word doesn’t show up.
I’ve tried restarting the memrise but nothing works.

What could be the problem?

Thanks for reaching out and reporting this, @KhrystynaHrynchyshyn.

We’ve just made a change which stops creators from adding ‘blank’ items as it causes errors. Please can you check your items have both translations and there are no blank lines before hitting enter?

If the issue persists, would you be able to send a screenshot or screen recording of what happens and also confirm the browser you are using? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for help!

Now it works:)

noticed that, its a major pain in my workflow :smiley:
(yes I’ll live, just cannot fill in column by column anymore without at least putting a single letter in the translation one)