Word Database Lookup after acceptance or bulk import

I’ve set up a deck using the bulk import. Essentially, I’ve consolidated all the data I have from a course into one csv file. After importing it, I can’t associate the words to audio files that are already stored in your database. For instance, I imported 好. I cannot do anything to that row except edit the content. The only way I seem to be able to associate the audio file is by deleting it and re-adding it manually (which obiously fills out the row with the data from the database). This doesn’t completely defeat the purpose of bulk importing, but it does make it useless for this use case.

An example of this can be found at the very bottom of the current list. If you can’t see it, search for 名字. You will see that one entry that was bulk imported has no associated audio and there is no way to associate what is in the database. The one right below it is the one I manually entered, which has an audio association.