Word count went down by 400

(Jei Yo) #1

Hello guys,

I started learning russian 50 days ago. I reached a point when my fresh account had 1600 words learned then it was russian 5 that there was part 16 that is missing one word and could not be completed that I press to learn it again in case the date gets wiped off but nothing worked. When I went back to my main profile the words went from 1600 to 1200 learned. For some reason now it matches the mobile application count that was always 400 less. This has totally put me down and I lost all my motivation to learn.

How is this possible? Can it be fixed? I am a premium user and I strictly use the website.

Learned words count help
(𝓛ı𝕥𝕥lꦌ ꞗɪᴙᶑ ... 𝓑ⅈ𝘨 𝓦ᵒʳ𝔩̲ꝺ̲) #2

You are taking multiple courses, so did you perhaps wipe your learning history on one of them? I have done this before, when I believed I wasn’t remembering a course’s words properly despite having completed it, and the number of words previously learned on that course comes off your main word count figure on your profile.

If not, it really is a bug, I guess. Remember, it’s possible the words learned count was too high on the web, for some buggy reason, and the lowering is the correction. Though it may feel mildly depressing to ‘lose’ some wordcount, it’s best that the figure be right.

Also, your words learned/points ratio is amazing. I wish I could recall stuff that well, lol.

(Jei Yo) #3

I don’t have that many courses russian 1-7 and 2 more. If you count all the words with the phrases included as one word they were exactly as displayed. Lots of words are learned and ignored but I don’t think ignored words bring the count down. How can I make someone check this? It has been a few days now and I have really dropped by 90%.

(Jei Yo) #4

I have counted all the 100% learned items and they are far beyond my word count.

(Rainbow Meow Face) #5

My count on the android app definitely does go down if I ignore words (unfortunately I like to ignore words that are either too simple (i.e. I don’t need review as I use them constantly anyway), or ones where the creator put a very long definition filled with :'s etc and memrise wants me to type -all- that when given the word.)

Learned words count help
(Jei Yo) #6

Do you know what can i do now? This has really killed me I was about to hit my 2000 words goal in two months. I am a premium user and I get no responses. What is this?