Word Count went down - and again down

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #21

I completed 2 courses and reset them to 0 so I can quit them because I pretty much mastered the words. After quitting the courses I noticed that my word count went down the words the courses had.I did not want to have the review come up anymore on those courses that’s the reason I reset them

So if I am finished with all the courses that I am still learning and then reset them and quit them I am going back to a word count of 0. That is in my opinion completely wrong.

The 2 courses I completed, reset, and quit were http://www.memrise.com/course/12/introduction-to-japanese/ and http://www.memrise.com/course/1169523/writing-n5-kanji-jlpt/ . Words lost altogether 397 from 2 courses.

And I would really like to have my other lost word counts back.The words learned IS the words learned; even if a not completed course is reset.

(Lurajane) #22

Memrise’s features are working as described.

You can quit a course, so you don’t drown in watering, and still keep all of your learning history and word count. When you quit a course, you see this pop-up:

Re-starting the course is different. Restarting the a course gives you this pop-up:

Both features are useful. You’ve been selecting the option that clearly tells you that Memrise will erase the record of your learning. If you want Memrise to keep the words as learned, then just quit the course.

(Jei Yo) #23

Hello Joshua, I made a post that my words also disappeared. Can you take a look into that?