Word completed/learned too soon

(Tomotjens) #1

When learning a word, you must normally practice a particular word six times to complete it (after which you can practice it in Classic Review). However, since about two weeks all the word are completed after the third or fourth time the word comes up… Any idea why?

(Olaf Rabbachin) #2

This seems to be a novelty. I noticed it last week and saw a comment regarding an Android update, so this is intentional.

From what I can say, it only applies to Memrise’s official courses and, there, only to easy words (Memrise’s own interpretation!). That said, it doesn’t apply to all words.
Regarding community courses it doesn’t seem that you can flag words as “easy” as of yet.

(Tomotjens) #3

Thanks for the explanation! Seems weird that Memrise decides for you what easy words are, and also weird that you cannot NOT have this function.

Well, I’ll give it a try. Thanks again.

(Lurajane) #4

Memrise implemented this change to its official courses on the website version last August.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #5

Do you have any reference for that? I’ve been working on several official Memrise courses and here, the behaviour started last week. Back then (Jan 30th) I checked out the official update message that you can see in Google’s PlayStore, that is, the info you can see if you check your latest updates and tap an updated app. There it said that the last update introduced that feature.

(Thomas Heiss) #6

Is this functionality configurable?

I liked it very much that I could use the Android app on KOPlayer Android emulator to decide if/when I want to use the half-planting word concept.

This was just great to learn the first 10 words of multiple levels until the 3rd planting step when I did not want to put the words into the backlog queue.
It was quite full already at this time.

A generic setting (e.g generally or per course) or question popup before the learning session would just be great.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #7

I haven’t found any setting. Neither did I find anything in courses I contribute to. And last but not least I can’t find any reference on the web or the Memrise blogs, i. e.blog or the technical blog. :confused:

I take it that you emulate Android on a PC. Or does this mean that you are using the auto-learn userscript on an Android device? I’m using it on the web, but I didn’t succeed with installing it on my Android tablet, which is a shame.

(Lurajane) #8

Here’s my “reference” noting the change on the website last summer. Learning sequence shortened in official courses

(Thomas Heiss) #9

Hi Olaf,

Yes, indeed this.

I played around with Bluestacks V2 and V3 in 2017 but the most recent V3 build versions are not compatible anymore with my older Laptop and graphic drivers (better / up-to-date drivers are fully OpenGL API compatible; my older drivers only seem to work in DirectX rendering mode) and Bluestacks now behaves with freezes, startup problems, black screens just like all the other emus like NOX, Memu, etc. do on this system.

On this older Laptop I switched to the Android emulator KOPlayer (previous build version which was still based on Android V4.4 and did not use that many resources; the last version has done an update).

This is my Android emulator thread on the Duolingo discussion forums: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/25479962/HOWTO-emulate-Use-tapping-or-Clubs-Android-app-on-your-PC-and-freely-chat-with-50-people

KOPlayer is based on “Oracle VirtualBox”.

Never tried this with Firefox or Chrome on KOPlayer, sorry. Will do when there is time.

Q1: Did you use Tampermonkey? I think I had read it should work on mobile?? Is the script API differently???
Q2: Have you tried the Violentmonkey addon as an alternative?

I had to migrate away from Greasemonkey a longer time (on the web) as many Memrise userscripts were not working anymore with my Firefox V52.9.0esr version.

Camilo lists JavaScript Blocker for the Safari browser (this is IOS world then) as an additional alternative on his “Duolingo Tree Enhancer” repository:


I still do not have an Android device.

Can you maybe make any recommendation in a PM about a Octa-Core Android device which is not too expensive but still performs good?

Maybe I would go with a 6inch smartphone instead of a tablet as I still have none; but the Motorola addon hardware keyboard project for Moto devices was abandoned :frowning:

I tried to use some category filter sites but it is quite complicated to know what to exactly search for…too many options…hardly possible to compare 3-5 devices in more detail.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #10

Interesting. Then my guess is that they actually go ahead and manually flag words as easy resp. 3-part planting, that this process takes some time and that they cover the courses with many users earlier than the ones with less users. The “official” courses that I work(ed) on since last August are probably in the latter group (like Dutch, Swedish). The Dutch course still doesn’t show the “early plating” feature, but the Swedish does, as do a French and Russian (both based on German).

(Olaf Rabbachin) #11

The only way to use tampermonkey is by installing an app which basically comes with its own (ancient) browser and is next to unusable (I uninstalled it after 10mins of usage).
I haven’t ever heard of Violentmonkey - I shall give that a try, hopefully over the next few days - thanks!

I suppose I can’t really give you a recommendation based on experience with several devices. I can only tell you that I’ve mainly been using my Huawei MediaPad for Duolingo and Memrise for a little over a year now and am quite happy with it! If you follow the link (Amazon Germany) and consider buying one, scroll down as there seems to be a newer model which is also a bit cheaper - there’s a comparison table further down.
FWIW, if you look for something best for learning I’d definitely buy a tablet as opposed to a phone. And if you do, consider using Swiftkey as your keyboard (on any Android device).

(Lurajane) #12

I’ve been wondering whether the shorter sequence might be based on leaving space for videos of native speakers.