Wo qu! -I'm happy with the course

Hope it’s not too off-topic, but I really like the video recordings. Comedy is on point!
It was worth subscribing for this. Shame there’s only 3 units of Mandarin Chinese.

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Hi @skublover, have you tried any of the Community Mandarin courses?

Memrise - Courses for English (UK) speakers

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Not yet. I still haven’t finished the official ones. I will make sure to check them out.

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Me, too!

Sure, I’m bumping this after about two years, but the video and voice actors really add to the enjoyment of this course (Mandarin Chinese 1) – great idea, and thank you all!

Plus of course it’s good to hear how some phrases might sound if they drift from national standard pronunciation.

Also amused by some of the choices offered for the multiple-choice exercises.