Without sound in the app when I am using quick review mode

(Mikiino977) #1


I don’t speak english, but I’m trying, so, I’m sorry, if I am writing something wrong, far from the correct grammar, well, the thing is that, I am using the app in iphone 7, and the sound of the words does not appear when I use quick review mode, but, in the web page on my Pc seems normal, working good, with the sound after you choose some word in the quick review mode. Is that a bug in the app or just don’t have sound yet there?


  • Missing in the app a way to just stay listening the words without test (something like a ‘playlist’ of words).
  • A way to create decks with automatic sounds, maybe something like api speech synthesis.
  • A way to don’t stay switching the ask to answer location in the layout test.