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I am learning English and I’m in two courses, but I’ve a problem. When I use Memrise on tablet, I can hear the sounds, but when I use Memrise on PC, I don’t hear the sounds and I’ve sounds configuration enabled.
How can I solve this issue?

Thanks all a lot!

Hi @Tolo_Cadiz45,

Which two courses are they? Could you post a link?

When you use your PC, are you seeing at least one audio symbol at the top of the page, like this (there should be one symbol for each audio file that exists for that item)?

Is it possible that the audio has been muted by accident? Does it currently say “mute audio” or “unmute audio”?


Have you checked you haven’t muted sounds in memrise? Upperleft corner there are some words under the green bar. Is there ‘mute’ or ‘unmute’?


you were just quicker and your post has pictures, so I think I’ll delete

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Hello guys,

In the course which name is “Inglés (Reino Unido) 1”, I haven’t sounds problems. I’ve checked now.

My problem is in the other course, in this “Vocabulario Imprescindible Español-Inglés”. In that course I don’t hear the sounds. How can I solve this problem for this course?

In both courses, don’t appear me both speakers but the mute or unmute options, in the upper-left corner yes.

Thanks a lot guys for your good answers and sorry for my English level hehehe. Anybody speak and write Spanish? hehehe.

Regards and happy weekend!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: In all previous sentences, I’m using PC platfom.

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Hi @Tolo_Cadiz45,

It is good to know that the first course is working ok.

I have just had a look at that other course. If it is this one: https://www.memrise.com/course/420837/vocabulario-imprescindible-espanol-ingles/, the reason you are not hearing sounds is because this course has no audio.

So, it’s not an ‘error’. Not every course on Memrise has audio and, unfortunately, the course index does not say which ones do have audio and which ones do not.

Sorry, but my Spanish is not good enough to reply in Spanish!

Buena suerte!

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I’m so sorry alanh, I understand you in your first post, but in your second post, I don’t understand the meaning of some words (withdrawn, flagged, …)
I don’t still have enough English knowledges, sorry again.

Thanks a lot alanh and sorry for my questions. You are an expert hehe. I still have little time here (in Memrise). Thanks again to you and the rest.

Happy weekend again hehe :slight_smile:

You can solve the audio problem by installing Cooljingle’s user script “Memrise Audio-Provider”: https://github.com/cooljingle/memrise-audio-provider

Or maybe there is another course which you could choose as an alternative (which has uploaded audio files).

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Don’t worry about my second post. I posted a message to Atikker and then deleted (= withdrew) it. The words that are there now “(post withdrawn … unless flagged)” are only a temporary message to say that the original content was deleted by the person who posted it. After one day that post will disappear.

Que tengas un buen fin de semana! :smiley:

I have upper- intermatiade course in English. I prefer to your ios app because it is very easy to acces even with my cell phone in every place. I have a problem . There is no sound of words , i can not hear pronunciation of words and their descriptions. How i can fix this problem? Thanks in advance.

Does anybody has same problem recently? And this is real bullshit , how i can take my money back? I stopped to use memrise because of that problem