Will Memrise delete my course?

(D90r) #1


I’ve created a Hebrew course on Memrise that consist over 550 words + pronunciation audio. Goal is more than 2000 words. It took me a lot of effort to create this and crawl the right pronunciation audio’s with a Python script and bring this to Memrise.

Now I read that Memrise will be deleting all community created courses and migrate to Decks? Is this a joke?

A lot of effort has gone into this. Is there any way to preserve this and move it along with the Memrise migration to Decks?

Here is the course:


(Adrian) #2

The courses will be automatically moved to Decks, so no need to worry about that. It will be pretty much the same, except no mobile app, unfortunately.

(D90r) #3

Ok as long they do not delete it it is fine.

How will Decks looks like, any sneak peak?

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #4

The people who went to meet memrise said that they saw a demo and said that it looks like Memrise.

(Adrian) #5

Nope. But they said it will look similar to Memrise.

(khx333) #6

Most likely they just clone the existing web site and change some settings to start with.

(Nancy Mihalich) #7

Thanks for asking this question. I use about 30 community made courses and have been curious about losing these courses. Using Memrise daily helps keep words in my long term memory.

(Amanda Norrsken) #8

Memrise is NOT DELETING ANY COURSES, just to try and squash this unfounded rumour.

The current set-up, with community courses and official memrise courses existing side by side on the app and web version are going to be split up. The official memrise courses will stay on the app; the community courses will be housed on the web only, with the memrise web version part being renamed “Decks”.

There is no plan to delete anything, just to split.

What will go is that community courses won’t be accessible at all via the app and it won’t be possible to download them.

As this move has proved very unpopular, the memrise team invited some memrise users for a spontaneous meeting recently where the concerns of memrise users were voiced to @edcooke and some other members of the memrise team.

With any luck, Decks will also get its own app (perhaps paid for by users) with the download function some time in the future.

That is what I have understood so far, at least


Hi Amanda,

Just to avoid any misunderstanding on one aspect of your helpful explanation, it’s maybe worth making absolutely clear that there will be two so-called “sister” websites after the change has taken place.

The Memrise website will continue to exist but will only house the ‘official’ Memrise-created language courses (which will, from that date, be the only courses available on the apps and available to be downloaded for offline learning). Memrise plans to expand and develop these in the future. All the existing ‘user-created’ courses and some of the old-style Memrise-created courses (they posted a list of which ones) will be moved to the new “Decks” website but these will no longer be available on the apps or downloadable (unless Memrise change their minds about this in future).

At least that’s my understanding of the original announcement and it’s accompanying FAQ.

Someone please correct me if I’ve got any of this wrong.

(Amanda Norrsken) #10

Hi @alanh,

Ah, I wasn’t actually aware of that! I really had thought that memrise was going to have its courses available ONLY on the app, but I had kind of assumed that from the statement that Ed Cooke made at some point about wishing they had started off memrise as an app-based service from the start.

(Europe My Country) #11

Just a question. Normally I use the Memrise website to create my own courses because I find it better to add vocabulary, images, sound, columms, etc; with the existing option to edit the course. So, my queston is: will it be the same in the new “Decks” app? Because I have recently read that “Decks” will be only available for mobile phones. Then, how could I keep editing my courses?

(Amanda Norrsken) #12

I don’t know where you read that, but it’s wrong.

Decks will be pretty much the same as the current memrise website, with the options to create courses and so on, just like we can now.


(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #13

He may thing that mobile friendly mean being on mobile only.

(Mila) #14

I liked your explanation on the mobile-friendly website (on another topic):

Maybe Memrise (@kevin5284) needs to add the meaning of this (at least in the FAQ) because some people are confusing or not understanding the meaning of it.

(khx333) #15

Decks originally was proposed as web-only and that’s what we want to change to a (paid) mobile app of many reasons (offline mode, clunkiness of web pages running on small screens, cost of downloading large amounts of web content for most of us users having limited data plans).

(Kevin Memrise) #16

Thanks for flagging @Milamy @ismail.ghedamsif3 . I’ve added a thread in the FAQ on this

(khx333) #17

Yes there are ways to scale web pages to one single continuous page, means a lot of scrolling down compared with a mobile app that is designed for single screen use.

Furthermore, after they get Decks to work in a Web browser I doubt they will put more effort into streamlining the web page as it does not generate any revenue.