Will Memrise Classic continue to be available on the web?

I’m a new subscriber using Memrise through Firefox browser on Windows 10 Pro.

Recently my account was auto-switched to Early Access (maybe when I added a second course). I did not explore that very much before I switched back to the other version, because I really like the look of what must be “Memrise Classic” (with multiple colors and “brushstroke” decorations).

Will Memrise Classic continue to be available for those who like it?

P.S. – Or maybe I’m mistaken and I’m already using the current web dashboard? (I have only been using Memrise for about a week.)


Memrise classic will still be available for people who are using community courses.

Go to this area, then click where it says the language you are learning.
Click where it says Community courses.
That’s it :slight_smile:


… And in case you are on Android:

  • click the language selector on the top left
  • scroll down to the bottom of the list
  • select “Community-Courses” (or whatever equivalent is being shown depending on your app-language)

I tried out switching over to the “new Memrise” this morning and actually panicked until I finally found the - very well hidden! - way back to classic.

And last but not least: I performed this test in order to find out whether or not the gigantic banner in classic would be gone after actually having switched to the new Memrise and back.
If you ask yourself the same thing: no, it’ll still be there, across all courses.


The statement, “moving to the new experience soon,” recently appeared on my Spanish (Mexico) classic courses. Are you all seeing that message on your classic language courses? I assumed this meant that the course would soon be removed, even from the community course section. I also thought that Memrise said they would be removed. Perhaps I made incorrect assumptions. Did I misinterpret what was said? I’d be very happy if the classic courses stayed.

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Attached are quotes from a post made on May 30, 2023, by James Gibson who was working at Memrise at the time. These quotes can be found in his post under the heading “What’s Next.” I hope this helps.

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Hi, Juanita

On my account I also see “Moving to the new experience soon” on the official course “Mandarin Chinese 1”. My understanding is that eventually the official courses will only be available in the new format (but I don’t work for Memrise).

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@k4100, thank you. That was my understanding also.

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