Will he ever be stopped

So. I was just going round memrise and AGES ago a user known as extremedream had achieved 10 million in 5 minutes. I stumbled across his account just today after 6 months and its bugging me severely. Will ANYONE just remove this points??? Here’s A screenshot


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Will this evil masked vigilante known as Spiderman ever be stopped?

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The strangest thing is all the courses he’s learning, he has no points on…

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press x to doubt

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I understand that Memrise has put a hard limit on the total points available over all user accounts - currently 42 trillion (42000000000000) points.

I’m very concerned that the supply of points will run out soon because of these selfish outlaws. Something needs to be done - and quickly.

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Wait. Theres a limit?

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Yes! And the unused points supply has dwindled down to about 2 trillion.

I think that in addition to reclaiming stolen points from the points bandits, the overall supply should be boosted to 100 quadrillion (100000000000000000) points. The situation is stressing me out terribly, by the way.

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I must leave memrise!


Please could you transfer all your points to me before heading for the exit?

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Wait, why remove his points when he can probably get them back just as easily? I’d say delete his account already.

Since, no-one is coming i’ll just invite @MemriseMatty and @Joshua

Could you perhaps tell us where you got this information? From experience? Somewhere in the manual?

Besides, I just find it not credible, because the points are most likely stored on a per user basis. The system can write anything it wants. It’s just a list of numbers stored in a database.
Why would the developer go to the trouble of adding all the points of all users together and then capping at a certain number? To what end? It’s not that its like a bankaccount with a finite amount.


I’m afraid I can’t divulge sources and methods - I hope you will understand.

What I can say is that I do have some incredible sources.

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