[wiki] Let's create a nice resources list! [Mandarin Chinese]

大家好! I want to share resources like websites, apps, videos, information, etc. that I have found and can be useful for those of us learning Chinese, and of course I would love to know about different ones!

A similar topic on chinese-forums.com (many many resources): Best of Chinese Study Tools, Studying Chinese Online and Off

Another similar topic, with links to downloadable dictionaries, corpora, word frequency data, and more: http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/51825-resources-for-developers/


There are plenty of channels with courses and all kinds of content:


Mandarin Corner: Casual Chinese Conversation and HSK Vocabulary
Chinese Zero to Hero
Xue Bai: more than 200 5-15 minute lessons, focus on grammar, covering many topics
Xiao Min: HSK focus and much more
HSK 3-4-5 Preparation and practice
Bedroom Learn Chinese: Have a bit of a laugh and learn this beautiful ancient east asian language with Chelsea Bubbly
Angel Huang: short videos to help you learn Mandarin as it’s really spoken by Chinese people in everyday situations
Yi Zhao: Short lessons and live footage
Mandarin Monkey: This channel will help you get a grip on conversational Chinese


iCNTV 走遍中国官方频道 Go around China Official Channel - Chinese and English subtitles
TMD Shanghai: Original videos from Shanghai, China. Sketches, pranks, music videos and web series - Chinese and English subs
Ling BIG Yong: V-logs, Chinese and English subs
湖南卫视芒果TV官方频道 China HunanTV Official Channel
Channel C: Making a conversation between the community of Chinese international students and the American society
中国东方卫视官方频道China DragonTV Official
老外看中國、老外看台灣 | A Laowai’s View of China & Taiwan | 郝毅博 Ben Hedges
分钟学堂 - 官方频道
Stop Kiddin’ Studio
Mandarin Whispers - ASMR
Cartoons: 凱蒂貓, 童話故事, 粉紅豬小妹, with Chinese subs
Croton Media|FUN 愛情公寓 淑女澀男 - TV Series with Chinese subs

CCTV Learn Chinese programs: Growing up with Chinese, 快乐汉语, 听新闻…

TV shows and movies: https://www.viki.com/

Watch Chinese videos with popup captions: https://captron.tv/


Chinese Grammar Wiki

and some random info:





Download Chinese Decks for Anki


Decipher Chinese
Du Chinese
Light novels - Fanfics
Chinese Book Club
Read Manga: Manhuaren

Chinese Text Analyser is a tool that helps you find content suited to your current vocabulary level, and makes it easy to identify and learn new words.


Mandarin Chinese Pinyin Chart with Audio
Decode Mandarin Chinese
Chinese Text Project
Sing Chinese Songs
China Simplified Blog
Internet slang, expressions

Chinese-forums.com – it’s where are all the cool kids are at. Don’t know what to study next or how to study it or you’re looking for resources or have a question about some Chinese word or grammar rule? Don’t waste your time at Memrise but go directly to the biggest and most active forum for Chinese language learners that there is.

Reddit: /r/chineselanguage /r/Chinese


Pleco Dictionary

Hello Chinese
Chinese Skill .

Chrome extensions

Zhongwen: Chinese-English Popup Dictionary This is a must have.

Chinese Tutor (A fast dictionary)


Babadum Pretty addictive!

Clozemaster Clozemaster is gamified language learning in context through mass exposure for learners of all levels. It aims to answer the question, “What should I do after duolingo?” and provide a more sentence based and contextual learning experience to complement other language learning apps like memrise and anki.

Wordswing Unlimited, free, personalized Chinese practice

Native Content

kuwo.cn the Spotify of China. Download the app or program and listen to all the Chinese music or 有声读物 you would ever want. Allows for Karaoke style display of lyrics.

lizhi.fm Podcasts and radio
凤凰 FM Podcasts and radio

le.com one of many many sites and clients to watch Chinese movies and series and live programs online. Some content is not available outside of China.

douyu.com Watch gaming streams

WeChat download the app and start following topics and start talking to half a billion Chinese. The Chinese WhatsApp.

iReader / 掌阅 download the app and get access to a few free books and 200k cheaply priced books. Import the material you already have and have it read to you in the best TTS there is.

Character & word lists

Meaningfully learning Chinese characters: network based approach and original meaning based learning

HSK Graphs and word lists

Word/Character Frequency & Corpus

Word/Character Frequency & Corpus (and more)

Dictionaries and dictionary sites

Downloadable dictionaries

Online dictionaries (and much much much more)

This is it for now. I hope it helps you, and enjoy!

By the way, all these are free resources! I can’t really talk about any online paid plan or app except Yoyo Chinese which I was subscribed for one year and it provides a lot of good content, but really, with all the free stuff out there I don’t think there is need to pay for anything online unless you want some extra features/support the developers, which is my case with memrise and Pleco. I’d save that money for real classes or personal tutors.

It would be nice to keep it free, but anything that you’ve found useful is worth sharing, as it will help others too.



我非常感谢您 :grinning:


I am believer in getting basic phonology right, so I will share two resources along those lines:

Chinese Tone Pair Drills (free download)

Chinese Pronunciation Manual (book and audio files, paid)

There are also several books on amazon if you search for [Chinese Pronunciation].


I’m looking into podcasts these days to increase my listening skills while I exercise. I’m wondering if anybody has any recommendations for this? If so, I think it would be a useful addition to this list.


what news sites are you watching?

btw, not news, but some TV half reality show with ENG subtitles: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ06BguWKS5GJsEue7u79PQ (DragonTV)

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http://language.globaltimes.cn/ - user @ppalme made this site known to me, in some forum. It is fantastic! Split into levels, has conversation points, higlights words, pop-up translation etc etc etc

http://studymorechinese.com/ social network for people learning Chinese

http://www.chinesecio.com/ Confucius Instiute Online with self-learning lessons and culture courseware

for those interested in the long history of China: http://ctext.org/ Chinese Text Project


have fun


In my opinion this is the best right now for reading practice: http://app.decipherchinese.com/


many thanks , @Kaimi, I’ve just opened an account there

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For more advanced reading I would recommend this site: http://marcopoloproject.org

Most of articles have Chinese and English versions; the English makes for a handy reference when you get bogged down by a sentence that has a bajillion 的s.

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@cooljingle: regarding the marcopoloproject, I’ve tried to see both versions on the same page, but i couldn’t… what am I missing? thanks

@Hydroptere - there should be a link to it - see below

I do see the bilingual titles: but when I click that I get the text only in English; I cannot see both versions on the same page…

many thanks anyhow!

btw @Kaimi, which from the youtube channels you posted helped you the most? many thanks

Hi, I’ve updated the list but I’m not sure about the channels displaying like that :sweat_smile:
For the lesson videos I prefer Xue bai and Xiao min for more extensive concepts, Angel huang for really short lessons, Bedroom chinese for variety… a lot of the lessons are for beginners though, but good to review concepts.

I’ve added some native channels and some of them have English subs, I suggest you check out iCNTV 走遍中国官方频道 Go around China Official Channel, TMD Shanghai or Croton Media|FUN 愛情公寓 淑女澀男… there are endless possibilities. I wish I had time to watch so much content!

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many thanks, @Kaimi

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我学很多在 Mango Languages.
I learn a lot on Mango Languages. It’s an app that your local library may offer to registered patrons for free, but otherwise it costs a lot of money. It’s very conversational and it was my main learning platform for my critical period in Chinese.

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Podcasts are awesome!

Slow Chinese, 慢速中文,is an excellent free podcast for studying current events and interesting topics. They all have a Chinese transcript, and most have an English transcript as well.

Popup Chinese has a lot of original stories at many skill levels, free and paid content. Also check out the Sinica podcasts in the sidebar for interesting and intellectual discussions about current events in China.

There are many more if you search the itunes store, but these two are the best I’ve come across.

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does anybody know a course that asks you to recognise the Simplified when promoted with Traditional?

(there was one course doing the opposite - type the traditional when prompted with simplified, but I cannot type traditional)

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Have you tried the Microsoft IME? The Taiwanese Traditional has sneakily included the jyutping method in there so it also contains a method for typing Cantonese characters. I installed it recently and it seems OK. I don’t use a PC for much besides work though and my language study is done via browser or app on one or another flavour of Android phone or tablet.