[Wiki] Course Creation FAQ

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Hello please I paid a yearly subscription for the community created course Hausa language but can’t progress to next level. It’s only six levels which is quite disappointing. So please if the creator sees this let him or her say something or do something about it . Thanks

Regular users like you created the courses for free in their own time, and chose to share them with you. You haven’t paid them for anything. You paid Memrise, who will not help with Community Courses anymore, and will probably just ignore your posts. Again though, there are other courses for your target language too (also made for free by regular people who don’t owe anyone anything).

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Okay so can I get a refund please

Hi, does anyone know if Memrise would automatically generate an audio file that pronounces the word I’m inputting without me recording or uploading a file myself? My target language is Japanese. Thanks.

Hi. Unfortunately, no. You have to record your own audio and/or upload your own files.

Maybe you could ask if there is anyone willing to help you record audio if you aren’t able to do so.