[wiki] Bulk generation and adding of audio tips & tricks

Continuing the discussion from Markdown on vocab hint does not work with images:

Here’s a different way to add audio that does work, but you need to be very computer literate to make it work, or ask someone who is to help you: http://web.archive.org/web/20160508181931/http://www.memrise.com/course/32267/2000-indonesian-words/thread/1347089/

To get Google TTS for any course as a user: https://github.com/cooljingle/memrise-audio-provider

And perhaps the user from this thread is still active:

I have Ivona Voices to convert your words into audio files

You can also use several add-ons/applications:

Words pronounced by native speakers, downloadable files. Biggest site on the internet for this: http://forvo.com/

Forvo Integration Script:

  • Maybe not usable anymore due to project age
  • You need to get your own Forvo API key (1 dollar per month) to try it out

Do you have your own tips and tricks for bulk generation and uploading of audio? Feel free to edit this post (it’s a wiki), or please comment below.


I don’t seem to be able to edit the wiki (not enough trust?), but some tools were made to make bulk add easier:

I hope all of this helps.


I was probably a bit slow. I think it should work now.

Click the blue pencil next to the orange pencil at the top right of the post.

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Not sure I should create a new post for this, so feel free to comment about that.

Noticing some users’ scripting abilities, any advice on the best way to synchronize an EXISTING course (which does not have any audio) with the Forvo website database? Or an browser add-on that would allow me with a minimum number of clicks to get the corresponding audio-entry from Forvo, while learning the course?

I guess this is easier to do using the website version.
Ideally, I’d like to do that with the memrise android app, but I presume that’s a long shot.

I’m not completely computer-illiterate, so any option that requires some limited tweaking from my side should be fine.


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Ok, thank you!
It’s installed.
and now? how do I use this add/on?
Is there a help-file?

That was edited into the post by @Onesmy. I don’t know.

@cooljingle might be able to do something with this script to use Forvo:

Otherwise, I use a script that shows an iframe of Forvo on the reviewing (not testing) screen, clicking the play button (or an autohotkey shortcut) results in the audio being played. It’s not perfect and could be adapted for you, if you still want that and ask nicely.

If someone is willing to PM me a Forvo API key for testing I can add Forvo functionality to the Audio Provider script.

A Forvo API key provides access to their database but it is something that they charge for. http://api.forvo.com/plans-and-pricing/

[quote=“Arete_Hime, post:1, topic:417”]
On Firefox : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/memrise-uploader/
[/quote]Unfortunately, the page says: “This add-on has been removed by its author.” (which is Edoardo Putti from Firenze)

[quote=“Arete_Hime, post:1, topic:417”]http://web.archive.org/web/20160508163756/http://www.memrise.com/thread/1797672/
[/quote]Unfortunately, Ivona is replaced by a paid Polly. Ivona signup is not possible anymore. Service available for existing users until June 30th 2017. Anybody able to share a new tool?
PS: Ivona thread at memrise, backed up at archive.org

[quote=“Arete_Hime, post:1, topic:417”]
Forvo Integration Script:
[/quote]Where can we find an updated link to this thread? After clicking on the link, Memrise gives the message 'The page you are trying to get to doesn’t exist."

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I think the thread you mean is here: Language Course Creators: Help Me Test this Forvo Integration Script

Can anyone confirm if the script is still working?
I would like to be sure on that before buying the 6-Month subscription on forvo.

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