Why won't a column display after testing?

Not sure where to post this.
Perhaps it should go in a [How to] or a [Course Creator] Forum?

On a course I have created, I want a column to display after testing.

If the information I want to display is in an Attribute column, I can display it during a test - but this is not what I want (as it would prevent me testing on that information, when it is also in a normal testing column as well).

I have a ‘testing’ column and I have ticked “Show after tests” and it says “This column should be displayed after tests”.

So if I have four columns and the one to “show” is column 1 and I am testing on columns 3 and 4, it does not show after a test.

This doesn’t even work when testing involving the ‘show after testing’ column - which isn’t what I am after anyway.

I have tested this on the Web and on the Android App and neither work as expected.

It will of course be shown if I get the answer wrong - along with every other bit of information for that entry, but I want it to flash up after getting it right.

I am sure I have seen this work in the past.

So does this feature no longer work?
Can anyone enlighten me please?

Cc @MemriseSupport @ale_c

It seems one has to also tick “Always Show” as well as “Show after tests”.

MemRise always show

This seems a contradiction to have “Always show” as this does not show during tests, so there is no issue when being tested on that column.

In fact if tested on that column (either way), it does not show after testing.

Very strange.

I’ll move this to [How to] in a couple of days.