Why to "learn" the same words twice?!

This just drives me nuts. There is already a review section. Why do I have to study the same portion of words twice? Why can’t I learn quickly 50 words without repeating them right after studying every 10 words? It doesn’t make sense, because reviewing works when you do it after some time, then once a day, twice a week, and so forth.
I think the “learn new words” option should literally mean learning completely NEW words, without forced reviewing, and the “review” part is for reviewing those words. Then why do I need to review previously learnt words when I click to the “learn new words” button?

Repetition mother teachings. Studying the words, you still can not immediately apply them in life, so in order not to forget and strengthen them, you study them twice. Learning is always difficult and not always pleasant. In college I wrote an law essay and it was difficult for me, so I turned for help on https://ukessay.com/law-essay-help, a writing service with professional writers. I read a lot of information several times to somehow assimilate it and still had problems.