Why the differences between app and web interface?

I am a little disappointed there isn’t a dedicated email function for Memrise staff to receive communications from users (there is a link but it appears to be non functional). Anyway, I thought I would throw this comment on the community forum in the event someone notices.

I love memrise for its ease of use and modern features like streaks - so much better than the app I have been using for a decade (byki). But I don’t understand why the interface on the iOS app is so different than the web page interface. I would strongly encourage Memrise staff to take the best features of both interfaces and make sure they are available regardless of where you log in.

For example, on the website, there is a single button to review words already learned from multiple card decks in one language, but on the app you have to go into each course separately.

Also, there are more errors in layout for the Arabic courses on the web app. For example, when the program prompts you to select the words of a phrase or sentence in the correct order, it lays them out incorrectly (left ro right or bottom up). For new or mid-level learners, the program risks teaching them the incorrect layout.


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