Why superscript?

so, I have a grammar set for studying Korean. With entries like, A/V(으)ᄅ 뿐만; N뿐반 아니라.

why does memrise keep changing A/V(으)ㄹ 뿐만; N뿐반 아니라 to A/V(으)ᄅ 뿐만; N뿐반 아니라??

it keeps superscripting my entries. I don’t want this.

Do you mean this


to this


ie the squashed “2” - (and I’ve made it bold to emphasise it)?

no, not just the bold. if you look at my post. 2 of the examples are superscript, and one is not. but, yes that is the character i am referring to. When i leave korean characters alone, without the required consonant+vowel to make a complete correct ‘character block,’ memrise keeps superscripting the characters.
like, when word auto turns 2nd into 2nd… that’s awkward I can’t even cut an paste superscripted font to memrise forum, yet the flash cards keep superscripting my korean characters when i don’t want them too.
normal, the way i type it and the way i want it to appear: A/V(으)ㄹ 뿐만
memrise superscripts it sometime during the night into this: A/V(으)ᄅ 뿐만

Hi @MemriseSupport, Can you comment?

Hi, could you link the course and level this occurs with? We’ll take a look!

If you also have screenshots to help us understand better, please attach them here.



this occurs in ALL courses I have created in ALL levels, but here is a link to one representative course that I have since fixed many times. The screen shot comes from this course and level.
Levels - Editing - 서울 한국어 문법 SNU Korean Grammar - by nunuvyurbidniz - Memrise