Why only 1 course out of 30 is marked as Mexican

Olivia has this course-pack for Spanish beginners, consisting of 30 little courses. Only 11th (Food) is categorised as Mexican. I believe all those 30 are Latin-American/Mexican.
It would be nice if all of them appear in that category when I’m doing the mixed reviews. Then I can do them separately from Spain Spanish courses

Olivia is Mexican and so are all her Spanish courses. I’m going through them right now to make sure all are placed in the correct category. We only just split the Spanish category into Mexican and Castilian Spanish so you may find there are quite a few courses that have yet to be recategorised.
The full overview of Olivia’s courses can be found here: http://www.memrise.com/user/OliviaZavala/courses/teaching/
She also has about 30 small intermediate Mexican Spanish courses.


Well, that’s good to know. Thanks :smile:

Have to find and try them all

Categorizing all non-European Spanish courses as Mexican is like categorizing all non-European English courses as American. Please re-name the Mexican language category as Latin American. Here in the forums, you have done that. But not over in the language courses.


Certainly, I have suggested it to my colleagues who work on localisation. Latin American Spanish includes Mexican Spanish as well as Costa Rican, Colombian, … as far as I’m aware?
I’ll leave it as Latin American in the forum, awaiting my colleagues feedback/input.