Why Memrise?

Hi, good morning. First of all, i’m a premium user.

But recently i saw that for Iphone Users, they must to pay. My family wants to learn english. But they need to pay all memrise?

Maybe its a bug? Cause in Android Users its free.

I would like to know any available solution. Have to say that i want that they learn English by memrise.

Thanks 2 all your answers community. And have a good MemLearn!!!

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I don’t think “Free Memrise Pro” is a thing. It may just be a bug for you. Or you’re on a free-trial. Either way, even if it IS a thing. I don’t think there’s a solution I can give to you.

I think that you don’t understood my problem.

What im trying to say, is that my mum has an iphone and she tried to do some english ( OFICAL COURSE ) but she must to pay memrise pro to keep learning new words. And in android its completely free.

Ah. Sorry i see know

Very strange… Who do you want to contact? MemriseMatty? Joshua? MemriseSupport? or just users advice

Yes sure. Thanks mate

Who exactly tho.

An admin? or users?

I don’t know how it works. So just somebody that has the power to solve that. Another time. Thanks mate

Ill invite someone right now :wink: