Why is the Speed Review much harder on the website?

(Thomas Heiss) #22

Guys, I tried again the speed review on the website for my very well-known Duolingo PT BR course: https://www.memrise.com/course/359836/duolingo-brazilian-portuguese/

I know the vocabulary almost in and out because I have been reviewing this course for two years.

All what I have written above still applies, even to this course with single words.

  • I can not keep up with the timer.
  • I can not press fast enough the 1-4 buttons as the items are displayed
  • the timer progress bar does not really go to the 100% top but interrupts earlier

I won’t even try to re-learn the words from PT1-5 courses “mit dieser Speed review Krücke”.

As I even fail with the above course, nobody can do it for courses with included phrases/sentences, to catch up for any longer breaks of multiple weeks/months.

Just for fun I am going to re-test with the latest “Google Chrome V71” and “Firefox Quantum V64.0” browser versions on another computer.

I will continue to stick to “all typing”.
The only issue I have is that I can not catch-up with all the SR intervals very well because of all the typing.

I definitely will try AnkiSRS’ “self-rating answer button” approach if I find time to play around with the Memrise exporter addon in 2019…