Why is the Speed Review much harder on the website?

I always get much lower scores (about 500) on the website compared with when I use the Android app (about 3000). It seems the timer runs much faster.

Is it the same for you?


The “Speed review” on the web portal is ridiculous!

Especially when you have the offical 1-7 Memrise courses (I do PT BR) where longer phrases/sentences are displayed in 4-8 multiple-choice options.

Has anything changed for “Speed review” (timer) with the latest dashboard frontend UI changes (showing Pro features as next step), or is it the same bad as it was before?


in my experience, yes, time runs out faster, but on the other hand, you gain lost hearts back after a certain amount of correct answers, making (for me) longer runs possible.


The heart refill wasn’t there before, right?
Is it something new with the latest UI dashboard changes?

I sometimes tried “Speed review”, but not so often that I could tell for sure.

The Android app (Pro) has no heart refill for “Speed review”?

For non-asian person, it is impossible to read, understand(translate) 4 PHRASES in less than 5 seconds, UNLESS you wont quicksearch for KEYWORDS in phrases.

As in example above, i had to quicksearch for “~” , “私” and “好”, because i don’t have enough time. I can’t translate it so fast and choose the right answer properly as it must be at the language study process.

The second problem is that upon answering timer will not go back to 0.0, but will lower at 1-2 seconds, so I will have less time with each subsequent question.

The latter reason in the psychological pressure of fast-growing red line below. It’s irritating and does not allowing to concentrate on the task.

I think the same problem goes for any language, that have different alphabet system compared with learner’s one.!


Well, the main problem with the Speed review before on the web site was (for me), that the red bar was not going as far as to the top, as tests have proven it to be working on the Android app.
That was reason one.

You already mentioned reason two:
That it does not reset, as it SHOULD, and for subsequent questions (even with multiple options, longer sentences), you have more and more less time to answer.

I have no idea what the programmer was smoking who developed this :wink:

Maybe it is also a big incompatibility with my Firefox and my ESR version and some JS crap (Lingvist renders e.g some progress charts wrong)…or maybe the missing testing department and QS never tried it across multiple browsers and versions.
Probably I should re-test at least with Opera, Maxthon, etc…

I definitely could N O T work with that Speed review on the web portal.
For one single word, maybe,…hard enough.

If you really want to use the “Speed review”, I suggest you re-test it on the Android app; if you do not have a smartphone, install an Android emulator like KOPlayer, Bluestacks, NOX, etc.


I don’t even understand what the POINT is of “Speed Review” :frowning:

I have used it a couple of times in the last few days, “just for fun”, so to speak, but for nearly 100 words, I get just 3,000 or so points. If I review using “Classic Review”, which I have set at 50 words, I can get up to 8,000 points (I am reviewing words that I know VERY well, I hasten to add).

You get fewer points, you have to review so fast that I always wonder if anything stays in my brain afterwards - what is the point???


i’d think the point is exactly what you are describing: rapidly reviewing a lot of words you already know very well.
i at least, couldn’t care less about any “points” i may get or not. i use memrise to learn vocab.


Me, too, I’m not that bothered about points, either (although I am quite proud of just having passed the 20 million points mark, to be honest :slight_smile: ), I was just trying to work out what the idea behind it is from a memrise point of view.

Hi Amanda,

don’t compare apples and bananas :slight_smile:

Over-watering on the web portal did never get you so many points. What was it before? 10, 15, maybe 20/25?

Web Speed review gets you 25 fixed for each correct answer.

Over-watering nowdays:

They changed the point system lately (I do not know for sure when).

Nowadays I can get up to 150 points, even with Cooljingle’s “all typing” script activate and multiple-choices disabled, when I over-water a course, where there are no blue reviews in my backlog.

I definitely have to do it.

My tests have shown, that I do forget some words for my single Portuguese PT BR DuoLingo from MartinPen, even the next watering interval may be set to 30 or 60 days.

I seem to forget some words much earlier than the next SR interval.

Well, this is the crap you get when you build a system, with fixed spaced repetitions, zero user customization, but which do not fine-tune to the error count and maybe marked difficulty level of a user (e.g question buttons like “How well did you knew this word from 1-5”?) :frowning:

I like it very much, how it is right now with the over-watering point changes (for good) and Memrise does not punish you anymore when you do it.

Why they don’t at least reset the SR interval back to 4-12h when I incorrectly answer an over-watered word, will probably only know those Memrise developers who programmed this stuff a long long time ago.

Usage of "speed reviews:

  • If your nerves go blank and you do not want to tolerate anymore, that 300-600+ words are filled in the backlog (currently I do not care for PT1-5 + Basic)
  • you want to quickly purge the backlog queue after vacation / illness with multiple-choice exercises only
  • you want something like DuoLingo “timed practice”, from time to time when your backlog queue is empty where you want to train your “make quick decisions” skills and remembering phase (I would not say that multiple-choice exercises has something to do with RECALLING like typing, does it???)

Why not do cooljngle’s all multiple-choice instead of speed review?

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Thank you all for your replies.

So to sum it up, the Speed Review is frustrating to everyone.

How do we bring it to the developers’ attention?

I think this has been brought up multiple times over the years. Whether you’re a fan of the review or not, the fundamental problem in my eyes is how it affects the algorithm. After weeks/months/years of establishing the stance of each learned word, speed review can change it very quickly. If someone is doing speed review to relieve the burden of seeing thousands of words to review, then the problem is that person’s relationship with his/her dashboard OR the inability to move courses around you don’t want to see. The whole original idea of having words to review is that you need to prove that those words are solid in your memory for them to go away from review.
Additionally, speed review, by its nature, encourages the user to guess to keep the game going. If it was encouraged to not guess, and the feature was branded to be for words already solid in your memory, then that would be great. But I think how it’s more commonly used is detrimental.

Think about how your memory is going to improve in the 2 following scenarios, being speed review and the original review:

  1. I have no idea what the answer is. I’ll guess 2. Greeat, nailed it. Probably my subconscious kicking in to help me pick the right one anyway!

  2. I have no idea what the answer is. I’m clicking show answer. Sigh, now this is going to be hammered into my head 3 times just during this review and resets at zero for its algorithm.

As it is, the normal review now is much easier than before when incorrect. Making it easier to make yourself feel good is just too much going towards that younger vibe.

Again, I can see speed review’s benefit if it was established better for old learned courses. What would be even better is if the user “unlocked” speed review for words, for example, after 10 correct answers, words show up in speed review that need to be reviewed. If you miss it, then it goes to the beginning of your algorithm. That would take a year or more I think to get words into that category and speed review would be a stressful gamble to save time, as it should be, because you’re gambling with your learning algorithm anyways.

This, like other features, is not something being thought through anymore in terms of learning potential. It’s being thought through as more “memrise ammo” of why they are fun like the other websites. The fact they put out speed review right after duolingo started getting attention and have ignored these algorithm questions for years kind of highlights that.

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this is not my experience with show answer. it just gets pushed back into the review queue. i actually thought it’s kind of cheating to press show answer instead of entering a wrng answer.

Oh I did not know that. I’ve always thought it responded the same as answering incorrectly but that might have been years ago.

Yes, I was surprised how long I was going in Speed review for all my words :astonished: until I noticed my hearts refilling
Also I notice that sometimes on the website, the words appear on the same block (e.g. #3) for a few words, then changes. that could help pressing the right word quicker.
Also, I suggest using a touchscreen device (my desktop is touchscreen :face_with_monocle::grinning:) as it is quicker to press with a finger or stylus


I use speed review if I’m lazy to type or arrange jumbled words. :stuck_out_tongue: It just makes everything multiple choices.


It isn’t harder, I have touchscreen on my desktop.

Speed review on the web is still useless. It could be so much better if the timer was simply reset upon losing a hearth (either by answering wrong or taking to long.) Such an easy fix too, yet here we are a year later with no progress. Guess we all know why though, the money’s in the app…

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Shouldn’t they have equalized the point achieved compared from the website to the app by now? It’s just yet another case that Memrise haven’t (and won’t) listened to the users. Surely if it’s been a year, they should’ve at least considered the matter. I’m not a huge user (or fan) of Speed Review. But doing nothing about it for a year? Great job Memrise… :unamused:

It must have been a VERY long year. Would it be worth it to DM a staff member. Or would they ignore it rather than fix it.

Hope someone manages to change the web Speed Review! Good Luck. :wink:

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