Why is no audio for African Language /Ge'ez?

The Ge’ez course only reviews the letters and numbers? Your advert stated there was audio, video, and native speaker!!! What did I pay a subscription for? What is going on with your program? I was happy to find this course, but now I wonder if it’s just a ripoff.

Hi @SebleW :slight_smile:

The course you are learning is classified by “community-created courses”, that is, it was created by a user, like you or me. It will only contain audio if the creator adds audio.

The features you mentioned above, refer to official courses created by Memrise. You can find more information in the FAQ & Help:

Course you are learning: https://www.memrise.com/course/244986/geez-classical-ethiopic-script/

Example of a course by Memrise - French 1 by Memrise: https://www.memrise.com/course/2021573/french-1-145/


Well then the creators of the “community created courses” should be made to sign an agreement to present audio pronunciations with their courses, otherwise it is not correct for memrize to charge for a product which cannot be delivered.

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Memrise provides the environment (web, apps) and their own “official” courses. That’s what you pay for.
Memrise also allows personally created content - the community courses.

Creators of such community courses do not receive any compensation whatsoever - they do this for free.

Why you think somebody who provides material for you free of charge should be forced to sign a contract is probably your own very personal logic.

Whatever, it’s actually quite simple: if you don’t like the product, discontinue to use it!

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The tone of your response to a customer who was excited to stumble on your Ge’ez program and then felt dissatisfied is not that of a “leader” or for good customer service. I never used the word “force” in suggesting that you ask your course contributors to agree to a certain standard.

I was perfectly willing to pay for the course, and did pay. That is not the issue. It’s not my own logic as you rudely put it. Also free is not free when it’s incomplete. I read the information and checked the list of courses which did not have all the features, Ge’ez was not on that list. Therefore I felt happy to pay to be immersed in learning more than what’s on YouTube. As it turns out, putting aside the audio for the moment, your Ge’ez program does not even have All the letters or All the numbers and unique puntuations found in Ge’ez language.

I understand better now how your platform works since corresponding about this issue. However I still think it’s a good idea for whomever is running the show to think about my suggestion instead of replying with rude email about “free” and “my logic”.
I paid, I wasn’t concerned with getting something for nothing. Don’t care who the money goes to, only that I would get a proper course.

Anyway, it’s over now. Sadly the refund is already requested. I would have preferred a good program rather than money returning. Perhaps your platform works well for others. Thankyou anyway for responding.

Seble W.

FYI: I’m not affiliated with Memrise in any way - I’m just another user like you.
And, as for being rude: what goes around, comes around.

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If you’re not affiliated with them in any way, then you shouldn’t be responding as if you are and making them look bad.

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EmeMinet Emahoy Hannah Maryam

Bete St. Maryam and St Kiristos Semra Denagl Tebabat EOTC Monastery.

i think you do not understand how these fora work. Anyhow, good luck !

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